Sunday, August 15, 2010

3.04 - A story about finding the fashionistas and walking the runway together.

Hello lambs,

It's almost 1 am on Monday morning and I'm sipping some detox tea and reading directions on the back of my soy protien powder.. how do people use this stuff? (not kidding)

So, this week, although very successful at the salon, was very stagnant in my soul and insides. With the realization of my two friends deleting me out of their lives, I had a verbal smackdown from my mom, Yvonne Cooley.

We have agreed that moving forward is the best thing for me and not looking back and as I consulted with my teacher and rabbi at The Kabbalah Centre in LA, I realized it's time to send my very last "fire or hire" messages to my friends.

I met with some amazing friends and got tons of messages from all of you regarding my "cyber meltdown" on Thursday night. Thank you guys. I need to focus on all the amazing friends I have out there and not on the two that have worn me out.

Thank you for always having feedback for me. I live for that! Truly.

In moving forward, it's hard not to check Panda's online profile only to see that I am blocked (that's effed up) and that he has cute-ass pics blowing kisses at the camera. He seems to be even better without me and a part of me wants to throw a baseball at his head. No joke.

Staring at my Blackberry today, I was hoping to hear the "ding!" of a new e-mail note from Nasia, but nothing..

Oh well...

In moving forward, I talked to Janelle, my salon peer, and have looked at focusing on the salon and improving my overall image. Tonight, I watched Rachel Zoe on tv and realized, I'm doing just fine. She's always so "drama", but it's not real, you can tell. She knows how to deal or she wouldn't be as successful as she is, kinda like, I'm not as drama as I seem or I wouldn't have what I have.

And I have a phenomenal team behind me helping me rock out the Joshua Ryan, Inc universe.

For reference: Joshua Ryan, Inc is the company owned by yours truly that owns me, my salon accounts, my t-shirt line I've neglected, my book I've neglected and my work with haircare companies that I need to resurge..

So, with two people out of the picture that took all my time and investments, I am onward looking for an apartment of my own in downtown P-town to be the centre of Joshua Ryan, Inc. Mum Yvonne and I have a meeting tentatively scheduled to go over the financials of my brand as she will assume the CEO role and I will simply own myself, my brands and assume Creative Director.

We're gonna focus on the following: house - check (place to live needed), car (yep, time to upgrade!) and saving money in the process and number three (the ultimate salon).

I love my home at Trendsetters and love working with Janelle and see myself there for a couple more years. I love treating it like a private studio and being able to offer my guests the very best there is. So, focusing on me is the challenge because working downtown and my clientele are the easy part: but J Ry, the person, has to grow up and make some adjustments.

I have had a blast twittering and texting new individuals and meeting new clients after dropping my very own ad campaign throughout all of Southern Colorado! I want to catapult my business to the next level! On top of that, I am talking / flirting with a new valentine on my downtime..

I'm not expecting much, but a little "friendly" diversion, is totally needed right now.

I met with my good friend Michelle for sushi this week and had a blast talking to her, but it's time for a follow-up. She's so fashionable and has so much going on in her life right now and it seems like my life is moving me and my Diesel jeans to more Avante Garde, fashionista group of friends, Antoinette met with me on Friday afternoon and we had the "realest" of conversation I've had in a while.

She was the one that told me and I am above conflict, it's not needed! I love her so much for that! It was an eye opener. It also opened my eyes as I was speaking about what douche one of my former acquaintances really is. As we talked outside the coffee shop, literally about a dozen people stopped and said hi or waved or recognized me or something along those lines, Antoinette says, "dude! You're a fucking rockstar!"

I was so certain, I'd be fine. In fact, better, without the baggage.

Janelle and I talk alot. She's defenitely become a super good friend of mine and I adore her to bits. Working on the salon with her has been a joy for me. I love it! I have so much pride on Union because of the fact that there's a sense of community downtown. It's absolutely amazing to me...

Yeah, as my boxes of couture came in this week, I realized, a new polished look, a new group of fashionistas and a filter on my exes and friends and clientele is super needed.. maybe a little silence, although, deafening is needed...

Find your "fashionistas" this week lambs and hold on tight.. it's time to walk the runway with a little attitude and no looking back...


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