Friday, August 27, 2010

3.07: A story about public image, finding my value and creating an alliance..

Good morning lambs,

It's about 2 am on Friday morning and I'm sitting here in my American Apparrel tee and sniffing away my allergies..

Well, the countdown has begun, Monday is my birthday- I will be an astounding 1,000 years old! I'm excited...

As part of turning 1,000, I thought I would update you on a little career info: Trendsetters Hair Studio HAS EXPLODED along with Joshua Ryan, Inc. Lots of fun winter campaigns are in the works for me as a solo gig and a promotional event or two are in the works for the salon overall and let me tell you, I'm super excited.

On top of that, I found out today that for the first quater of me working at Trendsetters, I am, of course, you guessed, TOP RETAILER. Most product moved by yours truly, but did we have any doubts?


I've had an astounding THREE job offers this week from competing salons: one new, one old, and one up the block. I laughed and very genuinely declined and announced, "I'm super happy where I'm at, baby, but thank you, the offer means so much to me..."

The funniest part is that I realized my value locally has gone up immensely! For three long years, I was told "no" and that "[I wasn't] very good at what [I] did or technically gifted." And let me tell you, SoCo and the local beauty industry see otherwise!

I think truly that my last salon and it's ownership kept me held back out of jealousy and hostility and I find it abolutely disgusting that they find it healthy to talk to people like that when they know damn well there are some very talented artists in this industry locally and globally.

I was talking to my mum tonight and she told me, "no matter what, you never diss anyone, you've always admited their streingths and your strengths and your variances and a difference in technique.."

I interrupted her and said, "..because no body is wrong.. beauty is a philosophy and art, we all have a point of view."

I never said I was the best, I never said I was Vidal goddamned Sassoon, but one thing I am is honest..

genuine is another good word.

I may not be THE best to some, but for every hater, there is someone who adores me. Alot of the time, I find it hard telling myself I'm alright at what I do or finding the confidence.

All the public appearances being lined up for the fall are extraordinary and people that have met with me have applauded me on my efforts to inspire my team of salon peers. One person I don't ever have a doubt in is my salon owner Janelle. She believe 110% that everything we're doing is only for the best for the growth of her salon.

We're getting new stations, we're making public appeanances and are even thinking of putting together a fashion show. My NEXT big project along with my manuscript and Haute Mess by J Ry (no hints yet for the public) is to create an alliance between salons...

I want us to be 100% committed to education, ethics and friendship between each other. In this very small economy and business world that SoCo has, it's not okay to have enemies, it's only proper to (let's pretend we're in kindergarten when I say this) make friends.

Together, we prosper and alone we can still make waves, but it's nice to know you have someone on your side and someone there to back you up.

Recently, I lost two individuals that I thought were my back up and I have to tell you: if I have it my way and create an alliance, I'll have all of SoCo as my back-up and the two that abandoned me in my hour of need will run to the hills...

Have a fabulous weekend... and keep a look out for your favourite Rockstar Stylist Josh Cooley and your favourite Trendsetter Janelle making waves very soon in a neighbourhood near you!


J Ry

PS: I recently was certified and named a L'Oreal International Artist for their INOA Haircolour Range, visit to see yours truly on the international L'Oreal Professionnel website. ; )

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