Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3.01 - A story about "re-casting" the stars of my reality series..

Good evening lambs,

How are you? It's about 11 pm and I'm actually at my parents' restaurant waiting for my mum to finish a few menial tasks. Thought I'd blog from a different location.

Actually, my life has taken a different direction considering the actions and attitudes of others towards me and my rabbi's advice to "follow [my] own path"

I'm currently chatting with two lambs via Facebook and making a list of tasks to complete.

Today, it leaked out that I was apartment shopping in the downtown are near my studio and I was quickly greeted by a fellow downtowner/shop owner. "I hope you move closer Josh, so we see more of you!"

What funny is that the public wants to see MORE of me? How much more can you possibly see? I'm so publicly known and divluge so much over blog, twitter, facebook and that it's hard not to be seen more. (ha ha)

I had been this particular shop-owner's bakery many times before and even placed an order for Jax's birthday cookies a month early with her and she took the most diligent of care and detail and placed it precisely on each cookie. She told me today, "I've heard so much about you!"

I quickly and jokingly replied, "all good? I hope!"

She goes, "you're so well-known for your conversation skills and for being very good at what you do, knowing alot about what you do and being a total joy to be around."

I was so compimented by that lambs. It has been hard the last couple weeks. Especially last week and the week before. I've felt very ignored by two special people in my life or very taken for granted and, in fact, saw myself changing myself for the wrong reasons.

I mean, I thought I left Headlines to solidify publicly that I CAN'T be pushed around, you know?

I am a man of integrity and tell people all the time, "do not stay with someone who wants you to change.."

Wanting someone to change who they are and demanding it is NOT healthy.

Blogging, in this case (as an example), is a BIG part of who I happen to be. Behind the chair, I am super professional and love talking to my guests like it's a talk show while I explain colour application and cutting and styling techniques. The website is totally devoted to my business and you ALL know that I genuinely stay in contact with my fanbase and clientelle through Facebook and it's many features.

So, it's pretty given that my blog should be the "in depth" version of Josh. This would be the subject for each episode of a J Ry reality series and focus shortly on my talents as a stylist or buisness man. But the episodes would focus mainly on my interaction with my salon lambs, online community and the public and my projects and the termoil and interaction between the projects and my group of close-knit friends.

Lately, that quilt of friends has had a few snags. I have one chasing a career and wants me to drop everything and come along... that's not my dream: to be someone's shadow.

I have a good friend whom I'll never dump, but seems to be bothered by me because she's being left out of the loop.

I have a side-character who is quickly becoming a power-player (that's you Andrew! ha ha) -- he wants the best for me and is contantly threatening to slap the sense back into me.

My salon peer Janelle has been a rock lately and I adore her. As well as another stylist, Julie. They've been amazing.

My mum and dad have stepped back in as my nightly chat company and my lambs have, of course, been my reason for living.

Last week, I announced that JOSH was my priority from now on, and let me tell you, I can tell it's brothering a couple people. In fact, my apartment hunt has conjured many tweets, texts and e-mails between friends...

Julie is taking a huge move forward and booked a professional photoshoot and wants mentoring in this field. I have a guy that wants to be my assistant next summer that I'm considering interviewing and mentoring and Janelle has been the perfect salon peer and one of the only people I can stomach talking to. Andrew is the voice of reason in all this..

Saddest and best part of my life right now is seeing how the "reality series" starring me is being re-cast for a new season of fun and drama (I'm sure.)

Not to say that my two power players (that wish to remain nameless are completely gone), but they are showing me through their actions that they are electing themselves to be left in the shadows of my success and life.

Note to all: I am and will NEVER be in the shadows!

As I see the new line-up clearly in front of me, I'm happy that things are sifting themselves out, but I'm melancholy to see two of my cloesest confidantes exemplify the qualities of a royal douche. (point blank!)

I get told I act and speak out of ego and get called a bitch alot, but one thing I can tell you from past experience: I always come out on top... promise.

love you lambs. Thanks for following and love you for loving me back... it's what has gotten me out of bed these last three weeks...

Hearts forever,
J Ry

PS: I love all my friends, but sometimes, a re-cast has to happen to conserve what's left of the friendship. TTYL... follow me on twitter at

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