Sunday, October 3, 2010

4.02 :: A story about professional recognition and personal judgments.

Hi lambs and doll faces,

It's Joshy here at midnight typing typing typing and sipping sipping sipping a cup of half-warm, half-cool coffee. I just returned a few hours ago from a hairshow and I'm still unpacking. Yes, still.

Lots of cool stuff in the works, I can't even begin to start thinking about it. Professionel stuff mostly. My persona life is actually not as dramatic as you may think, it's mostly (how should I say this) eventful.

I spent alot of time at functions and paying bills this week. Truly. For example, if Rachel Zoe had an alter-ego, it would be me and my only goal at this point is to become just like her in my chosen field. So many people have brought up the topic of "moving" to me. I have no desire.

I'd much rather travel back and forth. And I'm sticking to that concept. I've done the hairshow thing back and forth to L.A., avoiding trips to heated NYC and back and forth to locales likes Houston, Chicago and Denver. And for me, that's all fun. Honestly, fun is the word.

I had a massive time at the PULP awards this weekend and re-ignited my love affair with Twitter! My Blackberry is the closest thing in contact with me daily. I'm surprised I haven't caught a cold from my own phone!

I literally attempted to tweet the entire awards show! It was tough because five cocktails later, I was gone. No more Josh. On a good note, the crowd loved me. In terms of popularity, my stock has risen! In terms of personal popularity, it's going down within my social group of friends. With two friends both leaving me and me and Jules bolting her boyfriend and his mates at stop #2 of our five bar appearances that night, I had a mad amount of messages, texts, blogs, twitters about me both good and bad. And honestly, most of them were good and welcoming from the public! On the bad side, I had a one gnarly review from a friend of mine. He has claimed that he wants to start blogging me in search of understanding me and descaling the essence of Josh.

In my orgy of twitters and twit-pics on Thursday night, a friend of mine made an appearance at the PULP Awards all the way from Denver. I greeted him, took a pic and as the night went on and we played catch-up, I told him, "didn't you read the blog?!?" at some point and he replied, "I don't read about you."

"I'll form my own opinions of you, Josh." he told me.

I was offended.

It just felt appropriate for my ego to deflate in offense in response to his ignorance of my narsicism. (I liked that sentence, just now)

As the night goes on, he seemed detached and critical and full of animosity. I told him this, he claims I rubbed myself all over him and made an arse of myself. In terms of foddling anyone, I don't agree. In terms of making of arse of myself, I think most people were complimenting me and still are.

The following night, he text and chatted with me online and made me very aware that he was offended by my actions and also told me that in the case of EVER having a relationship with me, he would "never give [me] a chance." and that he would also "never hook-up with [me]"

So, if you can see, my professional life in terms of Josh Cooley: the personality is amazing. In terms of personal life and Josh Cooley: the person, it's very mixed.

My friends are consistency critical of me and when I greet or exit them with an air kiss, real kiss and hug and they are, in fact, offended, it's rude to me. It's stupid. I feel like a friend should understand that drunk/fun Josh is having fun and that EVERYONE in a social setting should understand alcohol and people and their actions are totally forgivable. We all want to have a good time and hurting someone's feeling while under the influence is just dumb. It's never on purpose I've found and it's one person being judgemental normally.

As I went to this weekend's hair show, I found myself on the other side of the table. I had a sales rep that became a bit boistrous with me in the hotel's bar and I told her to chill out. The next morning, she came to me and apologized. I told her, "What for?"

She said, "for last night, I'm sorry."

I told her, "when people are in a social setting and alcohol is involved, I never hold it against them. You'd know if I was upset with you."

I feel like my friend at the awards should have said the same. Instead he held it all against me and brought my dirt out in a converstion online. What a time for dirt!

As my sales rep continued talking, I looked at her and walked away and told her, "really, it's okay. I'll see you next week."

And really, for me, it was okay.

That's how I knew in my heart, as a person being judged by another, I am not like him. I am not a person judging her for her alcohol-induced actions, it's not fair to her. Just like it wasn't fair for him to make that comment to me repeatedly.

As a professional, I love my crowd, as a person, sometimes I fucking hate it.
For me, the professional side of things is funner than the personal side of things and having to repeatedly defend and explain myself.



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