Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4.03 :: A story about being blessed and having it all ..

Hi lambies,

It's Josh Cooley typing from my balcony at Studio J Ry.

Oh my goodness... what to write about..

Honestly, life is beautiful.

I wake up every single morning about 3:30 or 4 and see the ceiling and the decor and space and think to myself, "I REALLY live here?"

Studio J Ry is amazing. I'm still decorating and hoping to have it COMPLETE by the end of the month. I'm in the market for a large canvas over the red couch and a bed, yes, a bed.

I STILL have not bought a bed for Studio J Ry. My bed room is not existent. I defenitely have not had the time, first and foremost, but now is time to make it happen...

This evening, I have a promotional event going on in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I convinced my entire team to join me in promoting the salon and rocking out some complimentary services and introducing brand new spanking products we have not yet unleashed to our Rockstar clientele.

In a couple weeks, I'll be heading back to Toni and Guy Academy and rocking it out again for the second time doing advanced technical training. That's exciting. I have a benefit fashion show lined up for November and hopefully some holiday time away. Not sure yet.

My life has been go go go and right now I need rest rest rest.

Promoting myself, promoting the salon, the website, the re-emmergence of the Shampoo Boy line, possible deals with Last Leaf Designs, PULP Magazine and my manuscript seem like a lot, but it's all in a days work.

And to boot: I have a girl that wants to apprentice me...


Joshua Ryan, Inc is certainly taking off.

Today, I had a partial interview with L'Oreal and a full book. It was LITERALLY THE BIGGEST business day I've EVER had...

I wake up at 4 am, not only to lay in belief that I've made it to Studio J Ry and Joshua Ryan, Inc, but to thank my Creator for the opportunity to share.

To share talent, kindess, intergrity and all my world with you... my guests... my lambs.

And as I talk about resting, it gets difficult because I think of all the projects and fun things I want to show you.

That makes me so grateful that you want to play show and tell and that keeps me up at 4 am and 2 am and 12 am. Writing a blog at midnight, dozing to sleep at 2 and chatting online with you til then, and waking up at 4 am and thanking G-d that I have had this blessed opportunity.

Thank you for allowing me to get to this point.

Without you I wouldn't have any of it.

And right now, I feel like I have it all.

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