Thursday, October 14, 2010

4.05 :: A story about couture living and being "fashionable" without trend.

Good morning lambs,

It's a Thursday morning at Studio J Ry and I'm finishing up an ellaborate breakfast, coffee and mint-infused water with lime. If you've ever noticed in the history of the blog, I tend to share with you within the first few sentences what I'm sipping or noshing on.

Food is so incredibly important to me. I am the son of a Spanish trained-chef, so cusine is TOP for me (after HAIR) obviously.

Today is, for once, a day off for me away from the salon. I had a numerous amount of clients tell me, "what is your idea of a day off?"

Well, this sounds funny, but on my days off, I get up early, and prepare an ellaborate breakfast. I often joke that I do not cook at all, that is completely false! I hold my own very f--king well in the kitchen, thank you very much. LOL!

One thing you'll never find in my kitchen is milk and you'll never really find alot of meat. I'm kosher, so Pork is off limits completely, along with shellfish. I order pizza and that becomes maybe the only exception! (ha ha)

My diet is not so I have this amazingly fit body, I couldn't give a shit about trying to look like a model! I'm 5'3''. It's NOT gonna happen. I'm a short Irish-Spanish kid that does hair and wears more eyeliner than most girls in this city, but one thing I can tell you is that I'm super super genuine.

I say what I feel and mean what I say. So my feelings and integrity are in every single sentence spoken and written.

My latest project is finishing up Studio J Ry. I have let a few VIPs tour it. It's a small tour, but a tour, none-the-less. I will have pictures and open house very very soon! One thing I'm working on today on my day away from the salon is my samples for PULP. We'll see how that goes. I really believe that this pairing WILL happen.

My main focuse of the colum is going to be fashion, trends and social life. Three things I can tell you I'm all about. Now, part 2 of that is that I NEED TO STEP UP MY GAME!! I boast about fashion and wear the same uniform: Diesel jeans and black American Apparel or Armani tee. I normally have tons of accessories and ellaborate belt buckles and shoes...

So, it's time to get out of the box a bit.

Time to study up and flex my fashion muscle.

I don't think fashion is all about couture or what you're wearing. I think fashion is a lifestyle. I think somone can live very fashionably. I think breakfast is fashionable. If you have a good breakfast and find it therapeutic to cook like my mum or I, then it sets you off on a good note. You have an appreciation for this amazing culinary delight you just created. Frying an egg is very basic, but placing it on a bed of dijon, spinach and turkey bacon on a crustini makes it very couture for food... that to me, is very fashionable- that is haute couture in the kitchen.

I think a stylist can do any haircut, but a flick of the comb or the way the hold their shears can turn them into an expert. It's a lifestyle this "living fashionable" thing. I think I live very fashionable. I think my friends and clients live very runway lives.

They are powerful and control the scene!

It doesn not mean you are trendy, by any means!! Chanel wore the same black dress, black pump or Chanel suit. She took off one accessory on the way out the door- that methodically made her fashionable. Karl Lagerfield wears the same recipe or "formula" if you will when dressing in a tight S&M Style suit with cinched necktied and gawdy necklace- that makes him "fashionable."

Last example, I promise, is Tom Ford. he wears the same amazing Zegna or Gucci suit and has a filthy mind. No one ever calls him on it... that makes HIM "fashionable" because he made it his own.

I made Diesel, Alexander McQueen and American Apparel "fashionable" for me.

So, my words to you are to live fashionably, not on trend. Whatever makes you "fashionable" makes YOU stand out. So, don't worry about others. Remember, it's a Lifestyle, not a "look"

Heart and much love... ps: eat breakfast, it makes a world of difference!
J Ry

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