Monday, October 18, 2010

4.06 :: A story about being "green"

Hi lambs,

How are you? It's a chilly Monday afternoon and I'm wearing a black, long-sleeve henly and typing with chipped-black lacquered nails.

Not only am I lacking a proper manicure, I'm also lacking groceries. Grocery shopping is the minor to-do on my long to-do list of returning phone calls, booking appointments, etc... running errands and sleeping.

Yesterday, I was out of town at an amazing Toni & Guy/TIGI Advanced class, I absolutely adored it! The educator was a 2x NAHA Winning artist. NAHA, for your information, stands for the North American Hairstylist Awards. That is THE OSCAR of our industry and she won two years in a row for Editorial stylist of the year and fashion forward stylist of the year.

Meeting her gave me hope that I was on the right path and that NAHA is super attainable. I've dreamt of winning one and giving it to mum for years!

Yes, you read that right, giving it to my mum. It was my mum who sent me to beauty school when she realized I would not be happy being a graphic designer and being "assigned" jobs to be artistic. She knew that I would have to work into my success and learn how to call the shots.

This afternoon, I just got back from a meeting with my editor from PULP Magazine. My first piece is completed and will be published in the next issue of PULP. My second ad campaign will also launch in the next couple days and let me tell you, the need for an assistant is growing!!

I was recently asked at an event Friday evening who I was dating and the reply was, "no one, of course"

When asked if I'd ever, I had to tell the interested party, "it's okay to get to know me and want ot hang out, but keep in mind, my career is my #1 priority. It's okay to be interested in me, but my time with my clients, my family and my business in-salon and extra projects will always come first."

As I looked at this sentence over text and replayed it in my mind all night, I realized as soon as I grow and grow and grow, there will be a time when I need to hire a staff to manage me. When a "Salon" happens. .. that will happen.

I remember being told when I left Headlines that I'd have no clients, no success and that I was "green"- Green meaning young and unexperienced.

When Veronica, with her 2 NAHAs told us yesterday "Green" was good.

"Green means you have room to grow. Ripe means you have room to rot."

That made me smile and I realized that this educator and accomplished artist KNEW what she was talking about...

"Ripe mean you room to rot.."

Yep-- sounds like some pros I know.

In the past, I have been called "bitchy, diva, unforgiving, perfectionist, over-the-top, dillusional, rude, blunt..." and let me tell you-- Veronica showed me her humblesness and speaking with her and receiving praise from her made me realize: I'm just fine.

I'm on the right path, just as I've known... and all haters are rotting... I never stopped growing. When you start to rot, you tend to judge harsher "Greener" plants in the industry or in your life.

It's time to pull some weeds...



PS: I need winter clothes... lol... random thought.

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