Thursday, September 30, 2010

4.01 :: A story about Volume 4, collaborating and re-uniting.

Hey lambs,

It's Josh Cooley typing from my office in Studio J Ry located in Downtown SoCo.

I wanted to save the first blog entry of Volume 4 for the day of the P.U.L.P. People's Choice Awards because I knew things were going to be exciting today. And they have been!

This morning greeted me with a new client as I rushed down to the salon, met her and created another short pixie, super-textured masterpiece. I'm all about it. Truly. I closed up shop and came back to Studio J Ry for breakfast and to wait for the Direct TV guys. Seeing as I had another engagement at 12:30, I called as time went on they said they would be able to be at my place by noon. Well, that wasn't going to work and after a seemingly long hold and an annoyed assistant on the phone later, I re-booked and off to meet Andrew I went.

Andrew and I spent a few minutes at my aesthetician's office discussing some services he's seeking out. I referred Dana highly to Andrew, not only for the mere fact that she's a master at what she does, but for the fact that Dana is a huge support network for me. As a fellow beauty pro in this industry, I consult with her at times. She's the one that gave me the boost to leave my last studio and told me, "good things will come." And the one that told me to initiate a no-show fee and cancelation policy due to my growing demand. She has been a personal and professional role model for me and I felt like it would be the perfect pairing for her to meet Andrew.

As the day went by, I came back to Studio J Ry and decided to pull a few items to pair with my ward-robe for tonight's appearance. Julie and I stayed late last night and coloured our hair and discussed wardrobe. Jules was actually paired with me as my co-presenter at tonight's awards ceremony and I am beyond elated that she's coming with me!

In about an hour, I'm gonna be getting her ready and doing her hair and make-up for tonight after I jump in the shower shortly after this blog.

After I ran downstairs to check on my designs from Last Leaf and a few rambling moments with Mo, the designer, I ran out and heard from behind me, "Josh! Josh!"

I turned around all squinty and looked and low-and-behold, it was my Nasia.

"Holy shit!" I thought. My favourite person has re-appeared.

I saw her and instantly wanted to well-up and cry, but instead, hugged her tightly and made the effort to let my true emotions show. She told me she was picking up some lunch and didn't expect to see me.

I was soooo happy to see her.

Words can't even be expressed in this blog how much I've missed her company.

I gave her a tour of Studio J Ry and the salon and walked her back to her car. As I got ready to hug her and say bye, she told me, "you're all grown up, all downtown, Carrie Bradshaw, NY, LA Josh. That's who I've always loved inside of you and now it shows!"

I told her jokingly, "so am I off probation? Can I come out of detention now?"

She smirked, giggled lightly and told me sincerely, "yes... you're off probation."

As much as I've had tension with her, I've also had alot of invested interest in Nasia's career and she in mine and it's good to have her back... even in this light-hearted moment.

Today as I was waiting while Andrew met with Dana, I was talking to a member of the P.U.L.P. staff and discussed possibly writing for P.U.L.P. -- that would be a delicious pairing, I think and as tonight comes and the ceremony brings unexpected moments of fun and randomness, I hope that in a short amount of time, I'll be announcing my collaboration with a local magazine, my re-united friendship with Nasia and my growing relationships with Andrew and Julie.

Here's to Volume 4 and lots of Pretty Boy action...



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