Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3.10 :: A story about creating Studio J Ry and turning to Rachel for guidance..

Hey lambies!!

It's almost midnight and I'm munching on chicken nuggets and sipping Rum and Orange Crush soda. .. oh and watching my mentor, Rachel Zoe. Right now, she's making a Passover dinner and she's not, you know, really MAKING anything.

I'm watching her and staring and watching her husband complain about how busy she is and think to myself, "do people say that about me?"

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that question.

So, last week, I officially started moving into my new apartment, Studio J Ry, downtown. It is taking WAY longer than I thought it would... I decided to buy everything brand new... all the way from the living room to the bedroom to the office. My patio is amazingly huge for an apartment and I'm super excited to see the overall personality of my dwelling when it's complete. Building the personality of this space is so different for me because it's not like Casa de Cooley, my parent's estate or Panda's loft (which he copied theme-wise.)

I'm noticing my little eclectic vibe is taking a mellow turn. I seriously just want to be able to come home, lay on my red designer sofa and if I fall asleep, I simply, fall asleep. No more back and forth to my parent's house or wondering if me and Leon are going to fight over not going out for cocktails or not eating starches..

I think the coolest part of this is solidifying my idenity, all the way down to who I am at home. Not who I want to be perceived as, but what I actually look like in a home situation.

Week after week, I watch Rachel Zoe in her home and see so much of her personality in her taste and furniture choices: the minimalism, the use of white, the accessories.. and think to myself, "I want to be just like that."
In many ways I am.

Recently, I was asked to be a presenter at and upcoming local event and am uber-excited along with the hairshow coming up later that weekend and then our first ever promotional event days after.

As I watch Rachel and parrallel my life, I see alot of commonalities. She's busy and excited over fashion the way I'm excited about the hair industry. With e-mails from Farouk Systems waiting ot be responded to in my inbox and a job offer from L'Oreal *yes, for real* I'm finding myself becoming everything I wanted.

The completion of my book stops, starts, and then stops again. And the project of putting together a fashion show just landed on my desk today.


Studio J Ry... Yeah, i'm on fire!

How will I make the time to open myself to a possible relationship and actual social life?

I guess we'll have to continue blogging and see what we uncover together.



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