Monday, September 27, 2010

3.13 :: A story about Josh Cooley

Dear lambs,

My name is Joshua Ryan Cooley and this is my blog. You may know me under commonly used d/b/a or publicly known as "Josh Cooley". My alias online ranges from Rockstar Stylist to The Original Pretty Boy to the recently discovered J Ry. All in all, it's me and I'm happy you're reading my blog.

As I end my third volume of "Pretty Boy Education" and look back at the blog's inception and it's progress, I notice so many transitions and tie-ins and so much randomness or the undertone of hurt, love, and a boy finding his true self and all I can tell you is that (with huge tears in my eyes as I type this) : I found Josh.

Josh is here typing weekly, sometimes twice about his life and you click on a link, read it and send and sometimes don't send feedback.

My blog has made people angry, inspired, divorce me, break-up with me, caused me to quit, caused me to hire, caused me to fire and motivated me.

It has opened my eyes.

It has opened your eyes and allowed you into a very intimate world known as the world of Josh Cooley, celebrity wannabe/local personality, stylist extraordinaire/cosmetologist and business man from Southern Colorado.

Today, I spent a huge amount of time with my mum at Studio J Ry and as she left around 10 pm, I layed on the couch, took a breath and thanked God for her. And you. And me.

I got up, walked to my balcony and watched her and my dad turn the corner and walk away. I cried and admittidly said, "you made it, Joshua."

So much of my life has been about getting to this point. And as I re-read volumes 1 and 2. I look at the writer/artist in 1.01 writing the blog, "A story about my panda" and wonder, "what did I see?"

I saw the good in him.

I saw the good in me.

Months later, we all saw the demolition outloud, public and weekly.

Reading, sometimes people e-mailing me after a post, "is everything alright?"

Me divulging, "I just don't get it, but it's fine . Truly."

And truly, it was.

All through the break-up of Headlines, the drama of Leon, the absence of Nasia and the friends that come in and out, there's one constant: me.

And I'm here to tell you: I'm not going anywhere.

And also, that you are the most important thing you have.

As I sit in my office downtown and type this perplexed by my frozen Blackberry, I promise each of you there's more to come.

So much more!!!

And that is what makes me soooo excited.

In the finding of this "Josh" typing now, I think that all the projects on my agenda forward are pure and full of life, passion and love.

And for you all that follow it and support me in business and life, I dedicate this blog to you.

I love you.

Thank you for allowing me to find and present the "Josh" you know now.

Let's get on to Volume 4 and see what comes of this new found internet/publicly locally known celebrity named, Josh Cooley.

hearts shavua tov
josh cooley.

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