Thursday, September 16, 2010

3.11 :: A story about sifting out the irrevalant..

Good morning lambs,

It's about 3:45 am. Yep, 3:45. I'm on the mission to pack up my closet for transport to Studio J Ry and my office for transport as well. Two tasks that I am not looking forward to.

My clothes are going to be sifted out greatly! I'm talking lots of donations!

My paperwork is going to have to be boxed up and inventoried... I'm actually kind of annoyed by this great task. My furniture arrives today and I'm excited for that and then I'm off to buy a bed, coffeetable, side tables, etc.

Oh! And groceries..

Ugh, so much to do!

I just got done responding to an e-mail regarding my winter campaign and things are going incredibly smooth on the promotional end of my world. I'm excited, actually. I see so many changes in front me. A new studio, taking full-control of my business and taking full responsibility for where I am in life at THIS very moment and it's all very humbling at times.

Tonight, I had dinner with my good friend and fellow stylist Jules and she told me, "out of all my friends, I get the most pissed at my myself and admire you when I'm around you. It's very different feeling for me inside."

I told her, "why!" all confused as I slammed down my Caprese salad and cocktail.

She replied, "because you just have all your shit together!"

No I don't, I thought.

I still think that at times.

From an outsider's point of view, yeah, probably.

From the insiders's point of view, yeah, kinda.

From me: yes and no.

There are so many things I have worked myself up over and so many unnecessary dramas that I don't allow to overtake me.

It's simply not worth the stress. Leaving Headlines taught me how to take fear, give it a smack on the arse and say, "f--k you, bitch! I can do this!"

I literally find myself so confident to the point that I can say, "I run this!"

When I get home or behind a laptop or one-on-one with a friend, I will always tell them, "naw... It's not so bad. I love what I do. I love my life and give thanks everyday for the opportunity."

Those words keep me grounded and it's those words that have been my mantra all summer since venturing out on my own.

Studio J Ry is another expendature of that. I want to live passionately as much as I work and create passionately.

As I sift throught skater tees and old Guess jeans and old files and bills paid and pack them up, I just think to myself, "how much of this old shit do I REALLY need to take along with me?"

The decision to minimalize my life was very quick and very clear... whatever is not relavant today for me, is probably not relavant tomorrow or the next day or later.

So, out with the old and in with the newly found, officially independent Josh Cooley aka J Ry.



PS: Yes, Studio J Ry will be open house soon... Sometime in early November for the viewing! ; )

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