Sunday, July 4, 2010

2.06 - A story about an iconic new image..

Hello hello lambies,

How are you this week?

It's been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng one. Honestly. Let me just tell you, I NEVER say that, but this week was and it was defenitely taxing on a lot of different personalities.

I'm sitting here listening to a Sex With Emily podcast and finishing up a glass of wine (a German Riesling, btw). It's been an incredibly low-impact day for me. Today was the fourth of July and for many of you that pesonally know me, you may know that I don't celebrate many holidays (Independence Day being one of the them). You may even argue that I actually do celebrate Independence Day by being independent enough to say I do not celebrate and have the freedom to be unpatriotic.

Anyway, today I made a trip to the salon to refresh my colour before my photoshoot tomorrow. Tomorrow is my fourth professional photoshoot. The first of which without the HUGE salon name blasted across my business card. My last photoshoot was absolutely amazing and the pose of me tearing off my jacket has become my iconic pose.

Most celebrities have an iconic picture. For example, everyone has a picture of Marilyn gently holding her skirt down while the wind blows from underneath her. Mine happens to be slashed out in punk-glam couture re-enacting a background dancer from Gaga's "Love Game" video.

Tomorrow, the theme is a bit different. Let's just say I want the "Rockstar Stylist" moniquer to always be with me, but let's switch mindsets to a more laid-back version of who Josh Cooley really is, in fact I'll be rocking shorts, a shirt designed by Last Leaf designs (my neighbour) and Converse. Think: Rockstar on weekend or Sk8r boy meets Josh Cooley. Either way, I'm excited to be working with Kevin once again.

As I got items together as props for tomorrow, I modeled for my mum. "I needed to lost about two more pounds" I told her.

She says, "oh gawd, Joshua! Work out in the morning and call it a day."

Truth be told, I'm much lighter than my Headlines days and feeling better than ever. I am rocking almost zero love-handles. ha ha...

I really believe my last salon environment messed with my head a bit. I felt fat alot of the times and sadly, I'm not even chunky.

Goes to show you, sometimes bigger is not better.

As I sat with my mum and discussed wardrobe and the new laid-back look, we talked about Shampoo Boy. I keep trying to work on the brand more and just don't ever find time. So, I think a collaboration with Mo from Last Leaf seems fitting. I want to begin work on that next month. Look out for the new re-vamped Shampoo Boy!

As I prepare for tomorrow, I want to take the opporunity to announce that the blog (an indie blog mind you) is close to 200 hits, the josh-cooley website is close to 1,000 (it was launched in March, barely!) and the Trendsetters facebook page has grown more than 4x!

Thank you for adding Trendsetters to your online lives.

Thank you for all those visiting my blog and hitting up the website.

Remember, you can book online as well.

My goal for tomorrow's photoshoot is pictures for business cards, VIP Passes, and online marketing and maybe, just maybe, some print marketing.

Tomorrow is a big day and I have visits with Nasia and my godson Jax planned and perhaps some frozen yoghurt with Andrew.

Even though it seems like I am still a busy, busy Rockstar Stylist, I want to thank you all for allowing this Rockstar to make the transition to a more laid-back version of my best self. It's only shown me all my qualities...

PS: Panda says hi and has been busy and mum Yvonne says "thanks" for all those supporting and following her little boy.

Love you all.

Josh Cooley

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