Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2.05 - A story about energy..

Hey lambs.

How are you?

It's about 1 am and I'm sipping coffee at my desk at my parent's home tonight. Last night, I spent the evening with Panda and it was absolutely delicious. We laughed and had moments of sheer bliss just talking and had no friction at all.

It was, honestly, one of the coolest experiences with him ever.

I felt so close to him and so taken by the fact that when he and I worked for the same company, everything turned into work and into a conflict regarding work. And now, I would say, we're on our way to phenomenal-status once again.

I think we both, kind of, needed our space. Honestly!

We probably watched the same music-video for that "Billionaire" song over and over again abou 90x and kept having moments of being 10 and 12 years old and saying to each other, "oh--- you be him... and that one's me!"

It was absolute bliss to fall asleep next to my best friend and love where I'm at in life.

...Life has been amazing.

Alot of gossip and un-necessary drama has crept it's little head into the doorway of my life, but as I was telling my salon owner and friend, Janelle, "do I look like someone who cares about what the critics in my life are thinking of me?"

No. Not really.

I have found such an amazing bond with my new salon home and only have Janelle to thank for that. As I hear more and hear more about experiences at my last salon and people I was not able to reach in time and how unhappy they are, I think to myself, "wow... what's going on up the hill?"

And then, I think: "stop being critical, Josh. You didn't like it then and it's not gonna help you now."

I had a client of mine (not able to be reached previous to pre-booked appointment) call me from my former salon and leave me a long voicemessage. In tears, crying about my absense and how she hated me not being there.

She left a messsage today at the salon and on my cell phone telling me she had cried all weekend about how she was treated and the lack of detail and attention. I even had a Facebook friend who sees Nasia happen to comment on one of my posts telling me, "some lady was in tears because you were not at Headlines."

This client of mine fed me a long story about the negative remarks made and as I thought about her story, I started to sift out all the dumb shit being said about me and the negative critiques and only heard her "want" in her voice and "need" for attention.

One thing I may be guilty of is appearing to look uninterested, but deep inside, I listen. I know who matters and I know what humbleness brings, truly.

Not one person is below me!

Not one person is above me either.

So for someone to tell my client as they sit in their chair being inproperly serviced every bad thing she possibly can fathom about me, it only made that stylist look bad and only brought tears to my clients eyes and heart...

As my heart bled for the drama to stop, I realized that my old salon NEVER let a good thing go, I simply outgrew them and re-attached my heart to my sleeve after having it brused over and over again over an extended period of time.

As I prep for my new photoshoot and marketing campaign photos on Monday, I realize it's not about the shot Kevin gets on film, it's about the image I've projected to so many at all those sessions all these years behind the chair and realize that my heart is BIG and that there is room for so many and for so much ambition and dreams.

One thing another stylist cannot offer my guest is the invested interested and genuine attention we share for one another and as I strike a pose on Monday, 15 lbs less and 3 shades darker with my line-eyes and dewey bronze skin, I realize, it's not about the eyeliner, it's the energy being projected...

You all make it possible.

You, my salon lambs reading, Panda and even the stylist that will never be me.



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