Friday, June 11, 2010

2.01 - A story about a castle up the street and a cabin in the forrest..

Greetings lambs,


Yes, greetings.

It's about 1:30 am and I'm sipping a cup of detox tea after I finished a 32 oz bottle of Vitamin Water and working out. Thank goodness I took a shower shortly after because my spray tan I had applied today was turning viciously orange. Pretty, but a little too Middle-Eastern in hue. LOL.

Anyway, as you may have read (or may not have read) from my Facebook or texts or through just knowing me, I made a huge transition in my life. Okay, let's correct that: a SHOCKING transition in my life. I resigned, okay, another correction, quit my position as salon manager/soon-to-be creative director/rockstar stylist/make-up artist position at a very renowned salon in my area to work at a salon that is at least 3x less the size and 5x less the traffic. Bold career move? Yes. Expected? No.

From previous blogs, you may have gotten the undertone that I have not been happy at my salon home the last couple of months. Sad things is, I'm passionate about what I do. In fact, my passion and devotion to my salon lambs may have been the only things that saved me from myself or possibly going insane.

My best friends were constantly being brought up into the mix of back-room gossip and my life was publicly chasticed by many noteable figures in my environment. With that said, I emotionally built myself a wall, a cell with bars and shut myself off completely from the team. Completely.

The last four days of last week were the hardest. I did not want to talk. I did not want to look a single soul or even play music. That's hardcore! It was beyong emo! Beyond irrate! So angry that I literally felt crippled. As I shopped for salons in my head, I realized that down the street and up a turn or so was a salon I've had my eye on for a while. The owner is genuinely nice and in my age range. The salon is about 1,000 sq. ft. and remind me of Panda's loft. The vibe is young like when I first found hair and fell in love with my bff Anthanasia and the chatter in the backroom is non-existent.

My name? Very well known. The salon owner's reaction to this bold move? She was complimented. "Josh, you are master! You are so educated and so awarded in this industry. What a compliment to have you on our team!"

That simple excitement was all the validation I needed and I knew that afternoon I would leave my castle up the road for my cottage in the forrest.

As I prepared (in my head) to leave, I said to myself, "don't tell a soul".

I told a friend and told my parents my ideas, they agreed. A day later, my friend said go for it, my mom and dad were divided. "Do you think the timing is right? Why don't you see if things blow over..."

Nope. Three years has been long enough and two months of unhappiness is enough.

With intentions of staying the week, I prepared myself and my guests for my departure. As I turned in my letter of resignation, my bff couldn't believe it! Panda couldn't believe it! The staff couldn't believe it! In fact, one staff member asked, "you're actually going through with it?"


A day later, I get a phone call telling me that legal action will be taken against me if I take my guests. I never took a single thing... I won my guests hearts through the principles I practiced from day 1 of doing hair: generosity, integrity, passion and education. They all led to my success and popularity. Those of my guests that did not understand me or don't wish to seek me out simply don't get me. That's understandable. Josh Cooley is not for everyone. I would think integrity mattered at the end of the day. And the last couple of months, I found myself questioning my own integrity in the surroundings at work and the people involved in my professional life. With the acception of Nasia and Panda, I didn't really have a connection within the last few weeks and I know they're in my hearts, text messages and daily lives forever. So no worries, so, as I typed my letter and make the decision, I realized I was walking out of the dark and into the Light.

I suddenly woke up and realized that I want to have an intimate experience with my guests. I want my guest to matter and I want to dedicate ALL MY time to them when I'm in my creative space. I realized that I do not need 60 hour weeks to be happy. I want to work more like 30 and be an artist.

It's not about the numbers for me. I did however go Platinum more than any other stylist! I was not the most popular according to the sources, but my last two months I've landed in the top 3 financially and my last week I was THE top stylist.

I don't need a brand name to make me. I made me. And that's when I realized that my new image had set in and that the old one didn't matter.

As I sum things up, I want you all to know I miss my famly at the castle up the street, but my cottage in the forest is lovely and acccomidating.

My photoshoot is going to be amazing for the new business cards and promo packs and I'm finally living the life I knew I could without the judgement and constraints of others interfering. And for once, I realized, a day off, makes it all feel better..

And at the end of the day, a life full of love and pocket full of dollars didn't amount to shit, it was the integrity and decisions you made that shaped how you loved and how you spent those dollars..



Josh Cooley

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