Monday, June 28, 2010

2.04 - A story about being written out of a story..

Good morning lambs,

How was your weekend? Mine was, well, overbooked. Ha ha. In a very good way.

On Saturday, I was super busy at my new location and came to my parent's estate to change and get settled before taking my mum to attend a party for one of my VIP A-List Salon Lambs and as I sat to rest for a second, my blinking eyes solidly sealed shut into nap land and then took a detour to sleephood.

At around 11 pm, I awoke to see no one in sight in the living room, TV still on in the kitchen and silence through out the house. It all dawned on me, "damnit! I missed my party."

Had it been 9 pm, I still would have attended. Being 11 pm and still needing to dress for the occasion, I sent my A-Lister an apology and explanation via Facebook only to realize hours later how much I was missed and to be honest, it felt good to hear I was missed. I did, however, feel like I dropped the ball royally. It all sounded so amazing and spectacular and to my dear friend and good client Brandy, thank you for understanding. You rock and I value you like no other. We'll hook up for lunch soon, that, I can promise you!

As I sit her at 3:30 am on Monday morning, I have settled down a bit after listening to some Gaga via internet and paying both personal and professional businessman bills and stare of into candlelight and laptop light and think about all the things and people I'm grateful for.

These last few weeks have been spectacular as I welcomed many new faces in my life and said a much needed "au revoir" to others.

Yesterday afternoon was the birthday party for my dear godson Jaxton and it felt good to see him so excited over everything he was being given. He was so attentive for such a young age! And as I watched his eyes light up over the goodies being given and observed the amount of people there visiting this special blessing in my life, I began thinking, "why don't we greet our dyas like that?"

Why can't we have little wonders every day?

Why can't our eyes light up like Jax's every time we see someone?

I began to think of all the positives in my life including my kick-ass supportive mum and dad. Nasia, my best friend who has seen me through good and bad times and Panda who I have an undying respect for. My salon lambs have graced me with gifts and so much knowledge and respect. It's such an honour to truly love what I do and have a newly revamped appreciation for the art of respecting the individual and creating a look for them. My love of art, electronic music and fashion thrills me as I plan my day and then it all comes back to moments of purity for me, like watching Jaxton giggle over the ball pit I bought him for his birthday.

For one instant, I wanted to be 1 years old in the ball pit playing next to him. Enjoying his pressence.

One person that has really stepped up when so many have stepped out of my life is my good friend Andrew. The other night, out of the blue, he text me and asked me if I wanted to go out for frozen yoghurt. I haven't had that in years!

The night turned into a really fun evening of just hanging out and talking about absolutely nothing at all. We had lunch earlier in the week, so a second outing seemed like a bit much I thought, but hanging out with him has proven so much for me. I would have NEVER been able to do that before!

As I summed up my time with Nasia at the party and she filled me in about things at my former salon home, she mentioned people's disliking my blogs. It's such an old non-issue and unnecessary drama to hear about (which she later apologised for bringing up).

She told the girls, "Josh has been BLOGGING for YEARS! Even before he worked here! Way before I knew him... it's what he does."

My mum's reply was, "you're a writer."

My reply, "people enjoy reading them and I'm NEVER rude or demeaning."

I'm sure there has been stuff that made people cringe. But for alot (maybe including you reading this) it's simply, a story.

And when people don't like reading about themselves, I simply write them out of the story. It's kind of a sad thing, you know? Who would want to be written out? Not me!

So, as I hop back on Facebook and look at the contacts in my Blackberry and re-think some of the things I've said in the past, it makes me think of writing a few negative nancies out and opening up my life for more positive forces.

So, with that said.. I have to wish my favourite "Monster" in the world a happy birthday once again.. and remember what it was like to have the gleam in my eyes and embrace all the good things coming my way, everyday.

As for all the negative boys and girls out there griping about my blog- you're simply being written out of the story.

I'll miss you, but it's been fun.


Joshua Ryan.

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