Saturday, June 19, 2010

2.02 - A story about trusting your gut and finding an entourage..

Good morning lambs!

What? Good morning!! Yes, for once I'm blogging in the morning.

I'm sitting here sipping a cup of coffee at the kitchen table, Blackberry sitting next to me, and listening to Food Network in the background.

It's so funny because today is a Saturday morning and it has been (seriously) years, since I've stayed home on a Saturday. All I can tell you right now is that I feel "rested".

Since my disconnection with my former salon team almost two weeks ago, I've had a wonderful time showing off the new space to my guests and growing my business with some fresh faces in the mix. The next step in my life is getting my ideas out of my head and put on paper or set into action.

For once in my life, I don't feel boundaries or "standards" put on me by someone else.

The last week and a half has been inspiring, with my friends all commenting on how I'm back to normal and fun and seem less stressed. The sad part of the last weeke and half is that even though I have seen my friends, it seems like I haven't. I saw Nasia about a week ago and played with Jax, my godson, and discussed his birthday. Panda has been spending alot of time with company and out of town and Andrew is working PrideFest in Denver this weekend (go, Andrew! yay!)

The week has been full of a meetings that I actually had time for. Like, a meeting with my designer and a meeting with my photographer discussing the new image. Part of the new image has been lots of working out on my behalf and lots of time for updates online and working on the book, Shampoo Boy, etc.

Even though it may sound like I have alot of time on my hands, that's not totally the case, I have been booked since I left!! I remember the last words from the salon owner telling me, "you're not established! You'll never retain a guest there."

Well, I have... and I've done even better working less hours and maximizing my time.

I slashed 60 Hours into 30 Hours and came out ahead.

Funniest part? I'm happier.

I may being taking it all solo, but man, I've found a HUGE entourage of people supporting my decision to seperate from a large-salon and have found that sometimes BIG name does not always make BIG success. Integrity does... taking chances does.. having a heart does.. listening to my gut does.

Thank God I trusted my gut this time around and thank you all for making it a successful decision.



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