Monday, June 21, 2010

2.03 - A story about going underground..

What's up lambs?

It's your favourite pretty boy here up at 11:51 PM, sipping on some limeade and getting ready to hit the shower and turn in, but before that, I thought I'd blog abit.

So, it's been quite a couple weeks. Comprising what a 60-hour work-week was into 30-hours a week has actually been kind of nice! I'm excited to see how all this turns out. I took some time on Saturday to visit my old salon and as it turns out, I don't really miss the environment. Truly! In fact, I may have gotten out in the nick of time. I'm not a big cheerleader and right now looks like their implementing alot of "team"-like stuff and I simply would have been rolling my eyes i the corner. More and more I see why I made the move I did and why it was so goddamned needed. (Excuse my g.d.)

So, with this new found love for Joshua Ryan. I have taken alot of time to work out at the gym! Yes, I am at the gym alot! I've been tanning again and getting lots and lots of compliments from my salon lambs and acquaintances...

"you look so rested!"

"you seem so calm"

"you look happier"

"I'm glad you moved"

Wow! Was it really showing that bad, lambs?

I take it, yes.

With the newly rejuvenated me, I have taken the liberty to enjoy my time given with my guests and really "listen" and spend time with them. It's so super important to me that they understand they are the ONLY thing on my brain! Truly.

I feel like my work here in a more intimate, smaller studio, allows me to do that. With the new image, comes a new visual image in my marketing, I'm thinking to echo the more laid-back boy Josh I'm used to being, the cards and promotional material should actually suppor that vibe. My photoshoot is a couple weeks away and I have been working out and tanning all in the hopes of scoring the PERFECT shot!

Think sk8r boy meets the punk version of me... yep... pink hair will be back, eyeliner, black nails and well, shorts, and silk-screen independently designed shirts.

My love for all things local has brought me to support the t-shirt shop next door to our salon called Last Leaf. At Last Leaf, Mo, the owner/designer, personally designs and silk-screens each design. I'm in love with my yellow shirt that is so see-thru, you can see my nips (LOL-- it it were wet) and so breathable with the photocopy of a pistol or revolver. A newly purchased yellow shirt I have has a silk-screen image of horn-rimmed glasses and a girl with mascara-ed eyelashes... yep... that's a me all the way, a pair of sk8 short and some converse makes for a great photo sessions with the unforgettable Joshua Ryan.

I'm really excited to present this image to all of you.

In reading and editing my book, "Pretty Boy Education", I'm thinking of writing my transition into the plot of the book... what do you think? I think it would be the perfect twist ot my memoir of a Rockstar Stylist.

Just because I left a 3,500 sq. ft salon does not mean I'm not as successful at a 1,000 sq. ft. salon! In fact, I'm MORE succesful. I've become more underground and found myself again: I'm more true to myself in the downtown neighbourhood of indie t-shirt shops, alternative cafes and self-made Rockstars stylists, designers, and artists..

The more I wake up early and spend more time downtown, I realize, I have found out what made me a Rockstar Stylist in the first place: I have always played the track my OWN way without any interference. And generally, when someone interfered, I was not happy with the finished product.

So, with that, I leave you with a smile and a peck on the web-cheek til next blog and stress to you: BIG is not always BETTER, sometimes UNDERGROUND keeps us GROUNDED and reveals more of who we really are on the inside...

Hearts xoxo.

PS: Above is a REAL design by Mo from Last Leaf Designs located next to my new location, Trendsetters Hair Studio, drop in and tell him Josh sent you! visit or follow me on Twitter at

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K. Mason said...

So yesterday I was on Union and I noticed that your new studio is like a door away from the Grind. So lucky. I'm gonna have to come see you for color because I'll be there for coffee already!