Monday, July 26, 2010

The blog entitled, "A story about embracing my favourite Panda.."
has been deleted due to viewer request.
I also restarted the blog counter at zero. So, let's just say the blog could take a shift in theme or I may re-consider what is being placed online for all to see.
My goal with my blog, as stated in entries prior is NEVER to offend or over exaggerate or humiliate or defame a single person or individual or his or her characteristics.
The blog deals with me and my life and I often include people that are special to me in it's entries.
I hope those of you reading understand that as a request, I was asked to remove yesterday's entry. I am emotionally very depressed about this move and would not have deleted the entry if I didn't love the person wholly with my heart and every fibre of my being.
In the meantime, feel free to skim previous entries or visit me on Facebook or at
Hearts xoxo.
Josh Cooley
My sincerest apologies to the individual mentioned in yesterday's entry.

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