Sunday, January 2, 2011

5.01 :: A story about my close-up in 2011

Well Happy NEW Year lambs, dollfaces, pretty boys and haute messes!

I'm back!! With a brand new volume of adventures and updates in tow, my month-long hiatus felt as if I was on vacation for years! Yes, years.

Think of it this way: I felt like No Doubt. Nothing released in years. Just living off a few albums. I know I'm so much more than that, but so is Gwen and crew, with that said, I'm happy to be back on the web divulging all my guilty gossipy pleasures and leaking info pertaining to my artistic little exitence.

2010 was a huge year in my career: I left the largest salon in our area taking 90% of my clientele and another 25% of the salon's clientele only to move into a smaller, more intimate setting to become much happier. The birth of Joshua Ryan, Inc was a milestone as I registered for my first business license last June solo of a major salon or name attached to mine.

Shortly after, a major break-up occured between flings, fans and business peers, only to sift itselt out into me buying a large Studio space and transforming it six months later into Studio J Ry: my home.

For Studio J Ry, I felt that it should NOT look like an apartment or the loft I shared with Panda, but more so, it should look like a luxury hotel room and with that said, I started creating the pieces of my luxurious little puzzle known as Joshdom.

My business literally quadrupled in size in six months and as 2011 chimed in, I was greeted by embraces from devoted readers, clients, lambs, etc and a smaller crowd. A more intimate crowd.

I greeted the new year with Jules, my salon mate for dinner. As we left, I took a break and checked some e-mail back at the studio and met up with Andrew for cocktails around 10:30. We had a very real time in a very mellow setting and let me tell you: It was THE best new year's eve I've ever had.

That day I had a booked myself an extension party for a close group of fashionistas preparing for New Years's Eve and had lunch, followed by a few cocktails solo, a bubble bath, a changing and cleaning of the apartment and then the evening as mentioned above.

That night, after the toll of midnight, I slammed my champagne and Andrew and I hurried through the cold where I prepared a quicky-zip fried midnight snack for the pair of us to return Andrew back into sober territory.

Avoiding the crowds, the texts and the calamity was something I enjoyed.

The next morning, I woke up feeling renewed and energetic ready to bite 2011 like a cheeseburger.

So, with that said, I have a few info items to leak: 2011 is a year of luxury!

Luxury is something I'm focusing on in the premise that I am going to grow up out of my grungy Rockstar shoes and tidy up for a more refined, artistic appeal to what I do. Don't take this as a warning that my edginess is gone! Oh no! In McQueens and Diesel, I swear to you to deliver a MASSIVE year.

Joshua Ryan, Inc. is officially on it's way to becoming a brand. In such, the art of building a brand or "marketing", per se, is to remain public. My goal has always been to open a salon or work on it sometime in 2012 and with that 12 months away, I guess, I better get crackin'!

This year, I will reveal the following: I'm in it to win it. Nothing else. No more trusting my heart to pandas or pretty boys and no more business associates telling me "no". The slate is clean. Completely.

I have one MASSIVE project to work on. I will be posting applications online soon regarding my venture into the art world. I'm going to produce an art installation for release sometime in the summer. Could be June, could be August... we'll see..

All you need to know is that every image and item used is going to be used for the decor of my salon. I'm on a mission to find models, hair designers, photographers, electronic musicians and film makers to produce a large work entitiled, "Flawless".

Flawless meaning it takes alot of destroying reality to create art. I literally took the local beauty industry and slapped it's arse for being a naughty boy last year. This year, I'm regaining control through the use of my blog, my fashion column, a t-shirt range, a book, and of course through the word of mouth press my clients give me.

With raving reviews of critique or praise, "Flawless" will be produced.

I have many items of gossipy nature I'm sure we'll talk about, but we have a whole year to grow together.

So, in the words of Marlene Dietrich, "I'm ready for my close-up..."


J Ry.

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