Monday, November 29, 2010

4.13 :: A story about 2011 and my co-pilot.

Good evening my dear lambs,

How are you?

OR should I say, "Happy Holidays!"

So, coming off of Thanksgiving weekend, I want to clarify something: I did not shop. Nope. Not one red cent on Black Friday from me, no way!

Is it sad to say that I was not impressed with anything?

Not at all.

I opened the sales papers on Turkey Day eve and could not find something worth pushing men and elbowing old women for.

So, as any Turkey Day in the past, I assumed the role as my mum's co-pilot in the kitchen and chatted up my Guela (grandma).

Thanksgiving became a day of chillaxing for me and my mum's house. As I took to the table and served my plate, I noticed my dad's eyes gaze to my plate: small portions, no marshmallows, no potatoes, a decent amount of stuffing. Very little meat. I sensed kind of a sense of loss from him. Like I've changed. Fact is, I've always been that person that doesn't eat meat or pork products (ie meats, gelatin, marshmallows included) or root vegetables. He just noticed it because I've been gone for a few months now.

I've dropped a good 20 lbs, am talking to Nasia again like we were just meeting and have so many social obligations and an ad campaign and marketing that people only dream of. Right now (as I told my uncle over FB Chat tonight) Life is pretty amazing...

As the holiday weekend passed, I found myself loving the distance from the salon for a minute. I made an appearance at a party on Friday night, a cosmetic event on Sunday (both with my mum as my date) and have been chatting up Nasia.

We're meeting for breakfast tomorrow at Studio J Ry before I tackle the day...

I thought to myself, "6 months ago, I was not this person."

I had no control of my life.

Headlines ran me.

I ran Headlines.

It was a vicious cycle.

Leon was a toxic wasteland.

I was in jeopardy with Nasia.

My clientele was being filtered to others by the owner of HLines...

No, six months later... It evident: I took back my life!


I have a fashion column, have become a predominant public figure on the web and locally, and have achieved a success 4x over what I had at a large salon.

As I took time to slow down and breath this weekend and all November, I thought, "What if I too k a breather from my blog?"

Like, a month?

and just start new in January?

The reason I say that is.... 2011 is the year about building the hype about Joshua Ryan, Inc as a salon, a brand and a personality before I open sometime in 2012.

Right now, I can share with you: I want to live past five issue of PULP, go mass marketing featuring myself even more than I have, work on an at installation for open in Summer 2011 and build my dream with my mum as my co-pilot.

As of 2011, she will assume financial management of Joshua Ryan, Inc and I'll take over creative control to form a brand.

Tomorrow, I just want a good old best friend time with my best friend and to see Jax.

I want this now because next year, I want to hire a part-time assistant, pursue educating for an new brand and basically become Rachel Zoe-Carrie Bradshaw of Pueblo.

On Saturday morning, I received an e-mail from Farouk Systems that my contract with them will be terminated by January 1, 2011... I also have been in talks with a major competitor to possibly start education with them in 2011. I think word got out.

As of now, I have to response except that, I will chase the opportunity that offers me more in terms of recognitio nand exposure.

In 2011, look out! I'm gonna brand myself, I'm gonna travel, I'm gonna maintain my current clientele, submit the book (FINALLY) and create a team..

All of this came to me as I chopped onions for stuffing with my mum. I have been her co-pilot for so long... I think it's time to give back and make her my co-pilot professionally.

So, as I look back at my dad staring at my Thanksgiving plate, I think:

don't look at my plate as have empty because it's about to get full very very quick!

Happy Holidays! Here's to 2011.

Joshua Ryan

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