Wednesday, November 3, 2010

4.09: A story about my documentary ...

Good morning lambs!

It's a little past midnight on a Thursday and I'm sipping coconut water and watching a documentary on Spain. Lately, my television has been tuned to documentaries. If not about Andy Warhol and his factory people, then about Spain or gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. Yes, all of those subjects certainly thrill me.

A part of me wonders what a documentary about me would look like. What would people think of me? Would would the director try to convey? Do I have a message? Do I live passionately enough to be cinematic? I think I do.

I think that's why I strive for a reality series and this "ultimate" lifestyle. My life has always been made public by mostly me and the "buzz" being heard between conversation with myself and others and the buzz generated by yours truly through the use of blogging, twittering, writing, making public appearances, etc.

On Monday, my first column for PULP Magazine came out. The name of the column- "Haute Mess" debuted and it was a very humble shock for me. I actually didn't know the column would be out that day, I was told by a client that works at the coffeeshop next door. She told me, "I loved it!"

I was so happy to hear that people were reading it and as I prepare my essays for the next few, I am only more excited to see what PULP will print next.

Besides PULP, tomorrow I have a benefit fashion show that I'm styling with the-one-and-only Nasia. I can't tell you the warmth I feel on the inside knowing I'm going to work with my favourite girl once again. Tonight, I spoke to her on the phone and let her know that I hired an assistant for her and me to share. She was like, "Wow... you rock. How is it that you were able to arrange that?"

I quickly replied, "I'm an excellent networker."

Do you think if I had a documentary, I would show people how to network? Does networking make me look sincere or spread too thin like I'm looking for a perk? I hope it looks sincere. I hope you all find me sincer.

In the documentary of my life: I want to be known as passionte. Passionate about my life, the cuases I support, the art and relationships I create and sustain and overall, for being public, but for also being likeable.

Tomorrow, I want to be known as likeable, not a diva, and not public, just Josh working with my Nasia like the day and mentoring Jennie, the assistant and hoping for the perfect storyline to the continuing documentary of my life.

Hearts lambs! and thank you for "Watching" me all this time.

and thank you to those watching "over" me as if they were my guardian angels.



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