Thursday, January 6, 2011

5.02 :: A story about gratitude in karma.

Good evening lambs!

I hope your week is going well, mine has been a blur. Yep, a blur.

Today was kind of cool. I actually left the salon early thanks to clients coming in early and even had one move her appointment to an earlier spot. As I looked at my watch and got in my car to hit the tanning salon at a decent hour, it read, "4:30".

Whoa! Seriously?

So, with that, I came up to my office after some self-time in the tanning bed and started busting out new columns, L'Oreal's resume and reformatting it and looking at my datebook of interviews, meetings and public appearances. As I looked at it while I poured myself a glass of Pellegrino, I took a breath and said to myself, "damn! You ARE busy!"

I had never believed people when they tell me I overcommit, but today, I looked at my schedule and said, "you have got to be kidding!"

This morning as I was balayaging (painting) some hi-lites on my guest, I told her, "I literally love my clientele right now. Love. Love them. I could sit for cocktails or dinner or just talk all night to any of my clients like they weren't just friends, but like my family."

That in turn made my busy schedule not look so devoted. It looked like a wonderful investment. The investment of them and their time to me and my time to them and getting to genuinely know them. I do not take my clients light-heartedly. I value them like precious jewels and metals from the far corners of the world.

Today, a new guest even called me forty minutes after her haircut and told me, "you are worth your wieght in gold." As I hope not to gain any weight, I sat down and filled with tears... "wow..."

"Thank you." I muttered with my horsey-choked voice. "I've never been told like that, but thank you."

She said, "I don't call people. But I HAD to call you. You were so inviting. You are not snobby and not mean even with as known as you are."

I just thought while she talking about all the people that I try to snub and can't.

I just can't. I do not enjoy it and I don't like dishing that out. So, when I snub someone, it really is meant to hurt, but this client on the phone didn't try to hurt me, she made that EXTRA effort to call me and tell me what I meant to her. It meant alot.

I think today, I found my mirror: I believe we're all mirrors of each other at some internal essense or personality trait (yeah, deep, I know) and I think that someone telling me I'm valuable has come back to me in karma. Amazing amounts. It was a reminder of all the good in my life and to not dish out bad or accept the bad.

It was gratifying.

Thank you for reading and loving,

- j ry.

PS: Nasia had her baby!!!! This is number 4! But as you know... more to come later. xo. j ry.

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