Thursday, January 20, 2011

5.05 :: A story about one serious "lamb"

Well good evening lambs,

It's about 10:30 pm as I'm sitting here at my laptop sipping Zico coconut water and stroking my hilites... ha ha... Stroking.My.Hilites. Let's tweet that! ha ha.

Newly hilited and youtubed this week, I embarked on re-creating the 3rd phase of Shampoo Boy by transforming the brand into Shampoo Boy by J Ry in promotion of my official website and handing over the design reigns to my good friend and fellow creative Mo at Lastleaf Printing and Design. I can't tell you how happy I am over this collaboration!

As I filmed a YouTube video with my Blackberry and started tweeting web-addresses, etc., I was told that perhaps I was being "a bit much". I guess that means I need to tone it down a bit. This week, I also posted on my Facebook page that as my financial goal for 2011 is to save my 8-month-emergency fund (per Suze Orman), I would start to look for an assistant at the completion of that action...

People literally started texting me, e-mailing me and posting on my wall how much they want the job and how much it would pay and what the hours were like! OMG!! I said, "when the opportunity comes..." meaning it's not time, but it's close.

I was told recently that I take myself too seriously and that all the interviews with photographers and models for "Flawless" are "too serious". Well, I'm serious about getting this project underway! I'm interviewing three photographers and looking for people that want to expand their portfolios... That's all.

I had one guy actually interrupt my first interview twice and then came and sat at the table as I was interviewing and forced himself on me, for me, that's abrassive. His official interview is tomorrow and if his excitement shows me anything, it shows me that a) he's excited to work with me or b) he's pushy and needs work.

I'm not about pushy or needing work. I need the artistic element to ALWAYS be there. I need integrity in all I work with all the way from models chosen to photograhers: if that's too serious, then this IS NOT the project for them nor is my company as a hairdresser or business person.

For me, Joshua Ryan, Inc is both artistic and business: it is my life.

I have purposely cocooned all of it together.

As I tore open the archive of my book, "Pretty Boy Education". I see so much "young Josh" coming out and love it and hate it all at the same time. I see my obsessions with HLines and Nasia and Panda and hate that person at points in my book for being gullable and led astray. I WAS the lamb, not the shepard at many points.

When I started referring to people as "lambs" and took what I did serious as a business, people starting talking about how I do business and that there was 'too much' ego involved.

No, it's not ego. It's about the art behind what I do. It's about using marketing AS THE artform. It's about the world we live in now: the world of brands, cyber stalkers and 24/7 access.

Is that serious? Or have I collapsed into being 2011's "lamb"?

Have I lost my shepard's clothes and guidance? Or am I just one serious lamb?

You tell me.


j ry

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