Monday, January 10, 2011

5.03 :: A story about reaching out to a hateful lamb through my trust in others.

Good evening lambs,

So, it's Monday night and I'm sitting in my office at Studio J Ry finishing up a Heineken and listening to Duran Duran's new album. I absolutely adore Duran Duran. Yeah, I know they're old, but man, I have always said, I would love to look like them when I'm fifty: super tan and highlighted and well-suited like Simon... yep, me at fifty.

So, last week was absolutely a wonderful start to the new year. I had my very very first influx of e-mails regarding my column, "Haute Mess". I had stories about people stealing papers from businesses and actually longing for the next issue. Not only is that complimentary to me, that's amazing for the staff and contributors of PULP. I'm so very fortunate for this opportunity.

Part of being a public figure is having access to all the opportunity around you, also, part of having these outlets I have access to (ie media, hair shows, endorsements, publication) means I am also a target for scrutiny. I had my very first "hatemail" if you will regarding my column. And as I read it, I was very surprised to see the hurt someone wants to convey in a message. As much as I wanted to be hurt, I read the letter over and over about three-four times and realized: the person writing is a very very sad person inside.

I said, "you know, I'll just post it on the blog." However, the real truth is that anything obtained by PULP or it's editors is the property of PULP. Therefore I cannot disclose much except to say that the reader was very offended that I speak about brand names and designer dudds in a community where they say, "most people are lower to middle class". Well, I disagree, I believe fashion and class is something you have regardless of money or social-status. In fact, I love the underground culture of throwing something together without access to brand or even hundreds or thousands.

As I e-mailed my editor Shannon back and forth, I thanked her for her guidance. I wanted to actually call the person out in a reply in the next issue and she adviced not to as it shows hurt or offense. I thought over lunch as I Blackberry'd her back and forth, "good advice" I thought.

At that moment, I realized that my editor is there to do something I can't: monitor feedback regarding the column. And truth is, I completely trust her.

With this new found trust and seeing my obligations with my busy schedule, I realized, it's time to delegate duties or hire an assistant. As in seeing that my mum will assume the role of salon director in my own salon and help maintain the Joshua Ryan, Inc. brand as it takes off, I realized, assistance is not yet needed.

In seeking out professional advice, I ran the idea of reforming Shampoo Boy to Mo at Lastleaf Designs and started working on our collaboration of designs. My goal is to approve a few designs and run a small printing of shirts and accessories..

As I found this new trust I realized: I am not in this success thing alone. Shannon edits my words for my publication, Mo will assume design duties for the Shampoo Boy line and now I started setting up interviews for the creation of "Flawless". I have a couple photographers set up for January interviews and my next thing is to work on model interviews.

With only a week into the new year, I am touching base on every single aspect of my business! I am getting the finances behind Joshua Ryan, Inc. settled out and officially putting myself on a salary and starting my "8-month" emergency fund, as Suze Orman would say.

I only pray that things stay as is... That is important to me. This drive cannot go away! As this grows, I will offically work on adding trusted individuals to the list of Joshua Ryan, Inc. collaborators.

I always joked saying that my salon and business would be run my clients and friends and as I look at the roster, it just might.

I can't think of any other group of people to trust.

Thank you for giving me faith that you are always there for my best interest.. that totally showed me that the sad soul writing hate letters either needs a job to do or is looking for my attention. Don't worry, my hateful lamb, I'll reach out soon enough...



PS: Tomorrow is the PULP Holiday party! I'm soooo excited! I've grown to love them!

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