Sunday, January 16, 2011

5.04 :: A story about "you = me"

Good evening lambs,

Well, it's Monday morning. 12 midnight and I will officially be with clients at 12 pm -- that leaves me twelve hours to shower, sleep, possibly work out, shower again, return phone calls and start going down my to-do list before I get behind the chair and start working magic following by a meeting at 6pm AND "Tabatha's Salon Takeover" at 8pm.

Oh. My. God.

Yes, this was a real run-down of my life. And yes, that is EXACTLY how it HAS to play out in my head. It strictly is business for me. Even sleeping is business!

This week was magnificent in terms of having some time for myself and getting focused. I'm happy to confirm that after my appearance at the PULP Party, I will be around alot longer at PULP and "Haute Mess" has been making waves. I've also spoken with other contributors about getting active in the community.

One thing we do not have a good hold on is the gay-straight alliance we could actually have. Yes, I just said that... we COULD have that!

I don't belive in calling attention to something as small as sexuality, but feel abliged to lend my mentorship as I spoke with the write of our gay-themed column "Inside Out". We lack positive role modesl and open role models (not to mention OPEN-MINDED) in our community and I feel like as I progress on my journey, I need to get on board and voice that it's really okay to be powerful and part of the gay community.

Part of getting involved with causes has come from the fact that my clients have given me so much and I want to give back. Just this weekend, there was an event that my client organized for her friend's daughter that is battling cancer and that really, really spoke to me. I donated $50 towards a session with me and products from TIGI's Rockaholic range. For me, that's such a small task.

I attended the event with my mum in tow for a total of about 10 minutes to give a cash donation and say hi. It was sooooo busy, my mum and I left to meet my dad for wine and dinner on the other side of town. I had to stop in because I said I WOULD. My mum says, "this means alot to you, huh?"

The only way to answer that is that even if it didn't mean alot to me, it meant alot to my client to be there (even for 10 minutes).

Alot of my appearance and meeting have been running into my schedule. I've been trying to get my financial life in order (per Suze Orman's 8-month emergency fund) and get all my creative ventures off the ground...

One other aspect has been the re-creation of Shampoo Boy with one of my good mates at Lastleaf Design. I am proud to announce, we are working on designs and T-shirts will be out soon for order and for purchase via Also, the official logo for Joshua Ryan, Inc. will be unveiled this year!

I have re-connected with that fact that my manuscript has sat in silence and I am resurrecting the flashdrive with all the chapters and finishing the editing process... all while working on "Flawless" and in time for February and Men's fashion week (beginning January 23rd), I am looking for new 'looks' and moods for me on a personal front.

Yes, Joshua Ryan is growing up...

If you haven't had a chance to listen to Ricky Martin's new single, "The Best Thing About Me Is You"... get there now to youtube or Ricky's website.

The BEST thing I could ever post this week was the phrase "YOU = ME".

I really believe we mirror each other in this life and what matters to you matters to me and what matters most lambs is our integrity. Integrity in our passions, careers, family life and in our souls.

With all my love, remember that YOU matter MOST to ME.

J Ry


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