Sunday, May 2, 2010

1.07 - A story about one love...

Well hello lambs!

It's Sunday evening and I'm sitting in my family's kitchen with laptop, Blackberry and cup of instant coffee in hand chatting along with two amazing people. I have one guy talking to me via text and one chatting with me on my Facebook. Both are deeply in admiration and very cordial and just alot of fun to talk to and bring smiles to my faces.

One is from out of state and follows every tweet, post, news update and blog I write and the other is (I think) secretly trying to hook up with me! LOL.

Oh life!

Speaking of attention and life and friends and all that amazing nonsense, I made a spontaneous appearance at a club in Denver on Friday night with three good friends. Yes, one of them was Panda! However, this trip was fun because it got me out of my box. What so funny is I was so worried about being out late in Denver and getting back home in time to open the salon the next day. The poor boy even got the silent treatment... my poor Panda. ; (

We ran off to see a drag show featuring Rupaul's Drag Race's Nina Flowers. I had NEVER been to a drag show before. I've seen drag queens before just walking about in their natural habitat, but what was funny was seeing them live and in action walking the catwalk and controlling the room. I chatted up a few drag queens and asked about "the tuck", complimented many a make-up application and even danced like crazy with one and off to the out of doors I walked to have a cigarette with one.

Keep in mind, I do not condone smoking, but when I'm buzzed and ready for a smoke, off I go. I got asked many times on Friday night where I was from and where I worked and as I replied and gave my story, all the gay boys were impressed, all the lesbians were impressed, all the confused straight people were impressed.

The bartenders were so courteous. The crowd was not out of control.

Panda was enjoying talking to our friends and I was having a good ol' time flashing dollars at the queens from the end of the catwalk! As David Guetta and Estelle's track, "One Love" played, I went wild. Singing out loud and having the time of my life.

For a moment, I forgot about all the tension I've felt lately regarding me and my bff, the lack of a love life, yelling at Panda for kidnapping me and bringing me to the dragshow earlier that evening.

And when it came down to it, I realized one thing: thank god for him, thank god for my friends for rescuing me from well, myself.

"One Love", the mix of Crown and Red Bull and all the embracement of the gay community made me realize, we're all connected and if we all made the effort to get out of our boxes and be a little spontaneous, we'd feel alot better.

I know I did.

I know I needed a getaway. Even for the evening. The next day at the salon, I encountered some beautiful clients and had limited conversations with the gossip mongers in my existence and realized, "maybe they haven't stepped out of their boxes yet enough to accept me."

and as I thought of the compliments from the night before and all the mass texts and mad flow of love to my Facebook and Blackberry from my salon lambs and paparazzi, I finally understood the fact that I've been counting all the minuses in my life and not all the plus signs.

So, to my three friends that night and the many that spoke with me, texted me or Facebooked me: thank you.

You made me see The Light again. You definetely made me feel "One Love"


PS: "One Love" lyrics are below... right now, this song is totally where my brain is at.
"One Love" by David Guetta and Estelle
Can anybody help me im outta plans
guess I left my world in somebody’s hands
I don’t like to hurt
but but everyone gets weak
someone to rely on
that’s what I really need
Now here we stay
its all that we're worth
I’ve been thru the pain
and been dragged through the dirt
whatever they tell you
we're bigger than words
I’ve been where you're standing
I know how it hurts
let this be a song now
and this be a day
and we stand together
we'll be okay
Because we're survivors
we're making it work
expecting the best
when they hope for the worst
One love - this is the way we found
One love - even though they'll let you down
One love -nobody’s perfect now
One love -don’t let that hold u down
One love - lets stick together now
One love -we got to stand our ground
One love - its easy to believe in
One love - believe in u and me
One love
Now I could try and fix this all by myself
but I know it’d turn out better if you'd help
no one likes to hurt
but everyone gets weak
someone to rely on
that’s what everybody needs


Anonymous said...

I <3're a doll!!

JoshCooley said...

@Rhiannon- I absolutely adored our time together that night. You rock and I miss you tremendously. I'm sorry we didn't have a chance to make a "sequel". LOL.

Hope you're well, love.