Wednesday, May 5, 2010

1.08 - A story about exhaustion..

Good evening lambs,

It's so funny. It's only mid-week and life must be catching up with me. There's this feeling of exhaustion in the air. Not to sound all Mariah Scarey or anything, but...

exhausted may be the word.

Yep, pretty sure it is.

So, this evening is a longer evening at the salon. I'm standing at the front typing as my good friend Panda finishes a client and as I look over, I see the "e" word again: exhaustion.

What is that?

Busy people are exhausted?

Fabulous people are exhausted?

Famous people are exhausted?

Lindsay Lohan, Mariah and a long list of A listers have checked themselves in due to exploding Blackberries and too many TV appearances, but ours isn't anything close to that, even though I feel like I just got off a world tour.

So, get this:

Yesterday was a huge sigh of relief for me. Thanks to all of my salon lambs, I became increasingly busy and April saw me with more referrels than I could have imagined and as I thought about all the brand new people coming to see me, it was my motivation for pulling my body out of bed each morning and making it happen til the (sometimes) late evening five nights last week.

By Saturday after a whole month of this blessing, I finally had a moment of saying, "oh. [deep breath inserted here] no more please." and two more clients of mine graced my presence.

You would have never guessed I was tired. The two designer cut sessions I busted through were phenomenal and a defenite swan song to the week.

As I drove home that evening and made my way to my desk in my office and saw the many items to cross of my to-do list, I realized, "I should have NEVER cancelled my vacation to LA".

The next day came and as I woke and thought it would be a nice Sunday cooking with Chef Vonnie and sipping cocktails together, it strangely turned into a lazy Sunday full of chatting with a friend at the salon before he ran off to the UK to be a rockstar.

Off I ran to see my parents and I sat down and realized, once again, how tired I was with Monday's scheduled meetings on my brain.

On Monday morning, I woke up and greeted my followers on Twitter with, "I just want to cancel all my meeting today."

and guess what?

I did.

Manicure- cancelled. Rescheduled for two weeks. I'll do those myself

Marketeing meeting- cancelled by the other party.

Advisory board meeting- Cordially declined and will not appear.

Shower- not til later.

So, off to sushi and plum wine I ran.

As I sipped my plum wine, a friend of mine from out of town rang me and said, "what are you up to later?"

I told him I wasn't sure if I wanted to make plans considering I hadn't seen my family in a good week.

He said, "well, cool"

You could sense the irratation in his voice.

"No worries, friend. I'll holla later."

His reply: "yeah. Well mean it this time and don't flake out on me!"

You know what? I was kind of offended.

I wish he really understood how much of myself I give to others. As I returned his call and he mine that evening, I asked for a brief second, I was just exhausted, not flaking.

Sometimes, we all need a Mariah Scarey moment where we cancel or limit our appearances.

As I reuninted with my bff this week as talked to after a week or two of not talking as we normally do, I realized maybe I was just exhausted with being Josh. The best friend, the meeting goer, the facebooker, the online personality, and the flaky coulda-been boyfriend.

Wishing you a fabulous hair day and not-so-flakey week.

Joshua "no more meetings today" Cooley

xoxo. ... and thank you for reading. ; )

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