Sunday, May 16, 2010

1.10 - A story about Rachel Zoe and me.

What's up lambs?

So, it's been a week since my last blog and I have had a huge amount of solo time this last week.

As of right now, it's Monday morning, about 1 am, and I'm sipping Moscato Bianco and watching DVDs of "The Rachel Zoe Project"

What can I say? I adore Rachel. She's so glamourous and so passionate about what she does as a fashion stylist. And even though people find her melodramatic and too too too much, I would honour myself in the same caliber of people. Not drama and reality show Bravo victim, but the passionate individual that chooses work instead of a love life, time with famly and a personal life.

The press reads mean to our poor Ms. Zoe and is not too far from yours truly.

She has hard-asses working underneath her and an amazing list of designers on her side and supporting every single thing that she touches and deams "a trend".

When I see the three individuals in her life, her husband and manager of her company that is always there and not to be seen ever telling Rachael "no", but bringing her back to reality and the love of her life.

There's her associate, Taylor- who happens to be a hard-ass and gets left out alot and feels the anxiety more than Rachel does and then there's her "assistant" to Taylor that is a ray of Light and always by her side.

How could I name those three people: my mum, Panda and Anthanasia.

Who do I leave out?

Who's the hard-ass?

Who drives me "bananas", in a good way?

Who gets infuriated with me, but can't verbalize it?

Who's my rock?

Who's the love of my life?

No matter how I answer this question, I was enlightened by a really quote from Season 1, Episode Four (and I leave you with this)

"Pick what it is you love, and the success will come.."

I think that's why I love Rachel. No matter how people dog her and diss her, she still keeps doing what she does.

She's written a book; I'm writing a book.

She is expanding into a brand name; I'm creating one with "Shampoo Boy"

She has an empire with The Rachel Zoe camp and I'm on my way to creating a salon and the Joshua Ryan, Inc. empire.

So, with that, I leave you this week and say thank you to all my guests that have made me realize my success and all the amazing passion is 100% true. Without my Rockstar clientelle, I'm nothing. I am your Rachel Zoe.
Joshua Ryan
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