Monday, February 7, 2011

5.07 :: A story about Mister Cooley and all the irrevalance...

What's up lambs!

It's the one and only Mister Cooley tweeting, blogging and facebooking away from my office in Studio J Ry.

I find so many cool cool thing when I'm surfing my page like the number of views and how many people have shared my blog and webpage and info. Today, I was greeted on Facebook by an e-mail from someone that was very upset about me "unfriending" them.

I actually "unfriended" this person about a week ago after a month or so of debating. She sent me picture of an animation character to my inbox at the beginning of January with this e-mail asking, "how do I get my hair to look like THIS?"


On an anime character?

I was hesitant to reply because it's an animation. It's not even real, so it was awkward that I recieved that. So, I never replied. My reasoning for not replying is because it wasn't even a picture of a celeb or actual hairstyle. It was an animation and seemed so left-field that to me, it was irrevalant to even waste my time performing a consultation. So, I let it be. At the end of the month when I filtred through people on Facebook and connections that were no longer serving a purpose, I deleted her. We're not growing in our relationship and I was hoping to NEVER recieve an e-mail like that ever again.

Well, behold this morning: I was greeted with the subject line, "hummmm...." So I opened it.

In the message, she tells me, "I noticed your unfriended me. I find this strange as in the fact that I referred my sister and mother-in-law to you." I've never seen these people nor have they mentioned her!

So, I never replied to this e-mail.

She continued with "sorry I offended you by not following you properly."

Omg... really, people?

I'm not going to dismiss you for following or not following me, I will dismiss you for sending me unnecessary drama to my inbox though!

This last weekend, I came home Saturday night for the first time aching. Yes, aching.

My body hurt soooo bad.

I was convinced I was dieing. lol. Not really.

I've ever hurt from roller brushing or standing, but this week I did. I literally was on my feet more than I needed to be. I think alot of this has been contributed with the falling through of "Flawless".

As I contacted the photographer of my choice to tell him "Flawless" is going to be a portfolio piece and not an exhibition, he seemed bothered. I'm on this negative kick with people, lately. When "Shampoo Boy" was re-imagined, even my closest famil member glared at the name "J Ry".

"Who is J Ry", I was asked. With a negative, "hmmm.." following.

With "Flawless" people were wanting credit and acted bothered.

So, as I've learned, if you're gonna do it. Do it yourself.

And don't do it because people like you, do it because it feel right.

So, all this lackluster reception, I think has made it's way to my arm and legs. And if there's one thing I rely on, it's my appendages. lol.

My goal is not "Flawless" or "Shampoo Boy", it's gonna be me. My main-winner is my work with my clients and writing my column for PULP and getting my book published. So, I'm gonna focus on Josh and not listen to people as much as I thought I could.

If I listen... everyone's gonna tell me, "sorry I didn't follow you properly."

I have no time for sarcasm or irrevalance. I have time to be with my guest and be the very best Mister Cooley I can be.



PS: Tune in to Tabatha tonight!

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