Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Volume 5 EP (exxtended post) ::: Q's from YOU, my haute-arse readers and followers..

So, I thought I'd take the opportunity to answer some many asked questions that have hit my inbox and the rumour mill.... This is an EXXTENDED POST ....

1. What are the chances of you working a hairshow? Anytime soon?

JRY: The chances of me working a hairshow are slim right now, as of now, I still have my L'Oreal endorsement as an active INOA artist, but have not completed requirements for educating or touring. It is with respect, that I can confirm researching avenues with: Framesi, Sexy Hair and Joico. As far as working anytime soon, no. The soonest educational event I have planned is an American Crew class (THE FIRST company I worked for in 2008) for later this month. I am considering pursuing advanced placement with the Denver-based company and educating stylists on the art of WOWING a male clientele.

2. How's your dream salon coming along? Are you looking to open this year? 2012, like you said or when??

JRY: Good question! Right now, the act of opening a salon is not relevant. 2011 is not my ideal year, especially before taxes! I have had three opportunities arise in the last two weeks regarding possible spots for my salon. I can tell you now, firmly, NONE of those locations are ideal for me at this moment in time. Right now, I'm writing the concept and policy guide for my salon with my mum, Yvonne Cooley. I want her by my side on opening day. My good friend and Trendsetters salon owner Janelle knows I'm actively looking to open a business, so it's not a hush-hush conversation, it's something I like talking to her and OTHER salon owners about at least three times a week. No open this year though.

3. You should have an online portfolio of your work! Can we view one?

JRY: A portfolio project is IDEAL for me PRIOR to opening a salon. "Flawless" was supposed to be the project I was going to use as my portfolio piece, unfortunately, I do not feel Pueblo offers the appropriate artistic collaborator... who knows?! I may bust out a lense and start shooting pics myself!

4. You NEVER sleep! How do you keep doing what it is you do? Seriously, take a break, Josh! You deserve it.

JRY: I do sleep (at odd times) and do not deserve a break til all of the above list is completed! Besides, my followers, lambs, and clients would miss me if I slept in too long!

xoxoxo--- thanks for the q's guys!

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