Monday, February 28, 2011

5.10 :: A story about getting busy....

Well, hello lambs!
So, it's almost March. Can you believe it?!?
I can't believe it...
I can't believe how this year has gone by!
I can't belive how busy my life has become.
Last week, I was hit with a monstrous man-cold the size of Florida! HA HA.
It was not fun, but then again, when are men ANY fun when they're sick?
I haven't written in a couple weeks. As I looked at my last post (5.09) I was sickened with my offense to being told how "unwelcoming" I am. I think I propelled myself into a mancold. LOL.
There were so many avenues being opened to me as I wrote my last blog. I had two salons (I heard through the grapevine) that were excercising their options to sell. I called one location to investigate the truth and the listed price. I am yet to receive a phone call.
Making that phone call made me put my life back into perspective! I have the goal in my heart to open a salon and to be this massive success, but sitting about in a sullen way is NOT how to go about achieving your dreams!
I also learned that I need to save more money! I have all faith in opening a salon, but I have got to CLUE in that money just DOES not appear!
I have this remarkable little life and remarkable people in it, but cannot justify half of my purchases like clothes and going out to dinner with friends.
I need to wise up a bit financially and undestand that money DOES not grow on trees and that I need to save more, instead of spending more. So, as heartbreaking and earth-shattering as it is to type, it's true: I'm not a good saver.
I need to clue-in fast and do what Suze Orman would do.
Recently, my mum was rushed to the hospital due to her leg not being in such amazing condition. She was told to stay off her leg and rest which means that her time working with my father may be soon gone. The dream has always been to have my mum be IN the salon with me running my empire. With this injury, she may soon have to stop working and where is the salon I've so promised and talked about??
I need to spend LESS time partying and MORE time planning my success: that's what two weeks away from my blog has taught me: it's time to flip BACK into serious mode and make sure those investments in myself are back to normal.
No more investing my brain's channels into "am I mean?" "Does so-and-so like me?" No sir!
I need to get a good clear view of where I'm headed: salon owner.
Being sick taught me more than just to take care of myself: it showed me that I have nothing better to do than get busy!
Hearts, lambs,

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