Wednesday, February 16, 2011

5.09 :: A story about softening up...

Good evening little lambs,

How are you?

It's about midnight on Thursday morning and I'm sitting here fresh from a bubble bath and fresh from a sushi supper with my fashionista friend, Michelle.

I totally needed the support of friends today. I even stepped away from the salon mid-afternoon to have lunch today with an amazingly supportive group of my favourite "girls". I can't tell you how I feel regarding my clientele. I don't even know if I consider them "clientele" anymore. They are by-far, family, and THE closest friends I have right now.

Starting this blog, a year or so ago, I see the progession in each volume and this one (Volume 5) seems to be all business and no adventure. Well, let's take you on a little ride, shall we?

It was brought to my attention last night that a salon peer of mine will be leaving my current salon not due to business, not due to location, not due to hours, but due to: me.


You read it right! Me.

I am overly pushy, overly ambitious, over confident and from sources, I "intimidate" her and make her "uncomfortable" and even though she loves the salon, she'd much rather leave due to me being there.

I debated whether or not to write about this, but I had to! It's not to defame anyone or put names on the situation, but it's to make Light of it! As you know, I have NO secrets and those people that choose NOT to agree with my posting may kindly exit.

I mean it- leave. please.

I heard that I'm "pushy", "arrogant" and "talk down to people".

You know who else did that?


Vidal Sasoon.

Tabatha Coffey.

Winston Churchill.

Pablo Picasso.

Anna Wintour.

And yes, even Oprah.

All of whom, I aspire to become and embody in my own melange of J Ry.

For whatever reason this person decides to leave or state that I made he so UNCOMFORTABLE, I wish her well. Perhaps I am the unsung mentor that needs to be mentioned in her memoir. I hope she grows from this decision, just as I grew when I left Headlines.


No shit.

I do.

With that aside, I've been rather down today and needed my friends to paint the smile back on my MAC-covered face., if you notice my posts are a bit "darker" than Light, please understand, that I am eating a well-needed critique (I guess)

I need to "soften up" some on salon peers and I may even need to debate mixing ANY business and pleasure.

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