Monday, February 14, 2011

5.08 :: A story about my five loves and why Valentine's Day is my favourite.

Well good evening dollfaces!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yep, you heard me. Valentine's Day. It is by far, my favourite holiday. I love the amourous amount of love that people give each other (no matter what) on this day and even the emo-inspired love-haters make me happy too with their rainclouds of hate for anything pink and frilly today.

Remember one thing, I love you even if you hate today.

Anyway, it's abou 10:30 or so and I'm sipping a German Riesling at Studio J Ry after a whole afternoon/evening of hanging with Anthanasia, Jaxton, new baby Serenity and the whole Gallegos-Gitzen brood of kids and Daddy Gabe.

I never thought that after this many years, Nasia would remember this is my favourite day. Most years, we exchange loving e-mails about what we mean to each other and I'm the first to initiate. This year, however, she wrote me one first yesterday while I was out with my mum celebrating.

Tonight was impromptu, I surprised her with a new designer clutch, bottle of wine and a Shampoo Boy by J Ry shirt to RAVE reviews!

Yesterday, I spent all day with my mum and we bought each other cookbooks and coffee and wine and spent the evening at my house watching The Grammys and cooking shows.

For me, that meant alot.

Now, for many, they don't figure his as the archetype of a Valentine's celebration, but for me, it is. I was telling people over Twitter and a few friends and my two Valentines that I can count my loves on 1 hand.


1 hand.

I am classicly single, but love it.

And I always make comments like, "I have less that 5 friends or desires"... it may be exactly five.

Pointing at my hand, I count them down.

1. my mum.

2. Nasia

3. my career

4. something undescribed and undefined that keeps me going.

5. me.

#5 means alot to me because IF YOU DON'T love yourself, how the hell can you love someone else?

#1 is my mum. My mum was single when she had me. It was me and her for a year or so til she got back together with my dad. But my mum sacrificed a whole lot for me. In my early adult years, she put an investment in me through beauty school, has ALWAYS been there and even when I didn't want to hear what she told me, it was THE best advice ever.

#2 is Nasia. Nasia taught me and groomed me for success. I always tell people, "when I see Nasia cut hair, I can see colours."

I visually can see her aura as she cuts. It's yellow when she's full of energy and pink when she's playful and very very crimsonesque eggplant is she's deep into symetry. No shit . It is!

Her grooming me as I was a young stylist translated into love on many levels and for sometime, I had a crush on my best friend and always announced that if I could marry a WOMAN, it would have been Nasia. I still beleive that. Through babies, salon changes, husbands and bad talking each other, we have survived it all as if we are an old married couple.

She's my true love.

#3 is my career. That includes clients, education, dreams and the EVERY DAY passion of wanting to excell at my craft. My mum and Nasia fostered that in me and made it tangible for me to express myself and become who you know today.

#4 is obscure to explain. I literally wake up and give thanks. Is it to God? i don't know. My life? I don't know. It could be a mixture of both. There's a desire there. There's a desire at night that drives me to want more. Is the need for a lover or companion? yes. Is it the need to do more and fullfil an inner need? Yes. Is it to show people ALL I can do that keeps me going? Yeah, it's that too!

I always say that when I find someone or get married (God forbid) this #4 will have a name. until then, it's something undescribed that drives me.

Most importantly, my Valentine's Day is a culmination of love that I try to portry daily through my five reasons for living.

AND THAT, lambs, is why Valentine's Day is my fav.



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