Monday, April 12, 2010

1.03 - A story about two amazing boys.

Good morning lambs!

So, where do I begin? I'm sitting here sipping a Sobe Life Water and watching a Monday morning marathon of "Queer As Folk" on Logo. It's very very much so one of my favourite shows. It's not so much the gay content of the show or subject lines as it is the friendship and overall situations presented. For me, it's like watching "Sex and the City": highly addictive.
So, lots of things are flying through my mind this week including the plans for a highly HUGE projects or two. Yep, two of them. Two of which are so top secret, I really can't divulge too much, so what's the point of blogging? Well, it's for the sake of revealing enough until enough gets pushed into no-longer-top-secret.
With all the work on some amazing personal and professional projects, I was totally in need of some diversion this weekend.
Friday night, I decided to embark on a birthday celebration with my friend, Granty. He had informed me that he invited a couple other people I hadn't met out as well. He invited another hairdresser, his boyfriend and their friend (whom I absolutely adored). The other hairdresser actually told Granty "oh! another hairdresser?!" when he told me I was joining them that evening.
Suprisingly I felt the same and by the end of the evening, ego aside, I found a really cool vibe established after Granty and I and the rest of the group split ways. Now, Friday night, I was not really looking for a night of drinking and fun, it is the night I observe the Sabbath, but for Granty, I could defenitely make the exception! I'm sure The Creator wouldn't mind.
Granty informed me earlier that it was "not going to be a late night". I was all, "no way! I have clients in the morning, I have to be fresh".
Back in my party days, I remember partying every Friday and Saturday night and being so tired Saturday mornings at the salon. So, I nixxed Friday night happy hour and told my Kabbalah instructor, instead I was going to start obseving Shabbat at home.. And I HAVE, til this weekend! It's been almost a full year. I'm really proud of myself.
Granty asked me to the only gay bar in my area where we very lonely-like sipped on drinks until I decided to ask him to make out.. we went next door to another bar where I bumped into some clientele of mine and art folk and I began talking. As we sat there, I realized Granty was losing interest. Poor guy, he was being shuffled around and this was NOT turning into a good birthday cocktail.
I asked him again if I should make out with him as a happy b-day gift and he said, "yeah, you're cut off." Yeah- I was! Too many cocktails later, I came home and retired to a love seat in a designer room and awoke to dehydration and an 8 am wedding party.

Saturday came and went by and off to my panda's new pad I went to help fix things up, wash new dishes and fold his underwear and clothes (and try some on in the process). Panda informed me that we'd be working out before we went out. I asked him, "where should we go?"

He told me we'd be visiting the same gay bar I attended the night prior. Oh goodness! That tacky place, again?!

Before we hit the night scene, we hit the gym at Panda's complex. I am not an avid fitness guru. In fact, the more machine and buttons, the more trouble I seem to get into. So, about five minutes into hanging my legs over machines, making obscene noises and almost jacking my face up with a free weight, Panda told me to s.t.f.u. and let him work out... I was hurt..

Not really.

I think just the time together made me think: how cool. We're hanging out like we've been friends along time. I absolutely adore him. Who else can get me to do ANYTHING domestic, not many.

So, about an hour later and three YouTube episode's of "Absolutely Fabulous" later, we were off to the tacky gay bar. And wanna know something? I was excited?

I helped clean, I worked out, and now 1-on-1 time with my favourite Panda.

We drank. He bought. We drank. I bought. We drank. He bought again. I bought another round or two and we talked and talked and talked..

No other bars.
No other company.
No subject line.
Just Panda and me talking.

As the night expired, we went off for some late-night grubbin and came home. After a threat to ward off any attraction, we fell asleep like the best of party boys: young, successful, hot and gaining our fortunes.

And for the first time since my bff and our days partying together when I was her assistant, I felt the same togetherness, the same vibe, the same bond with Panda.

Very cool. The next day, it seemed like we'd spent weeks together, we were off for cocktails and discovering a local favourite (Sloppers) .. as we made phone calls before our mid-day lunch (we didn't wake up til 1:00) and a couple well-recieved declines. I realized that the weekend was made for me to have some 1-on-1 with Panda and that my time with Granty was well spent on Friday as well.

I suddenly felt young and vibrant again. I found my new crowd, my new cast for a new season of the tv series of my life.

And suddenly, lambs, all my top secret projects and lust and ambitions didn't seem to matter as much to me as being a friend to two amazing boys I simply adore: Granty and my Panda.

Much love.

Dedicated to Granty and my favourite Panda, Leon.

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