Monday, April 19, 2010

1.05 - A story about perspective...

Good morning lambs..

It's about 2am (of course) and I'm sitting here finishing off some tea and contemplating a shower, but before that, I thought I'd talk about reviving myself and overall image.

You know, I spent all of last week with my favourite boy in the world, Panda and realized: he's a good-looking guy. He works out alot, watches what he eats and is visually stunning. Alot of my friends are. I work out, but not hardcore. At all. As I got online tonight, I saw a new photoshoot of Lady Gaga looking much like Madonna in the early 90s and realized something: Gaga is super thin!

She looks good on film, but in person minus the fifteen lbs the camera gives, she gotta be skawny! I saw these photographs and wanted to start the concept for my new photoshoot for promotional imagery and after a couple "test shoots" with Panda last week, it made me think of hitting the work out wagon harder. Maybe a protien shake would be in order again too. Maybe, listening to him once and awhile would be good.


Gaga inspired me to revivive myself! (Go figure)

The salon has been revived this week as well. We just installed a new colour bar downtown and it's scrumptious to look at! I can't wait for Panda to see it or my mum to see it!

I started to think: I need to revive this image.

Tanning. Excercising. Weight training. Protien. Calorie counting. All of it!

So, get this- Saturday night I took a break from my ventures with Panda and my texting from Nasia and went out with my dear friend Andrew Joseph. Andrew is adorable! I remember crushing on Andrew in the day. We have since, approached the topic and I realize that Andrew would make a good addition to my friend inventory and not ex or hook up inventory.

So, two hot boys named Joshua and Andrew decided to go out for cocktails . The original plan and mission was supposed to require a mini vacation outing to D Town and have champagne, get blasted in a gay bar and wake up to eggs and shopping downtown and off to work that Sunday afternoon.

Well, Saturday got busy for me at the salon and I was not about travel. And Andrew had a hella good time the night before blocks away from my house at a hot tub party! I was not about getting sloshed and making Sunday dinner look disgraceful in front of my mum so we elected to stay local and hit some drinks at a local bar and/or cocktail lounge.

As we checked my Facebook and sent drunk texts to all my crushes, I got up and went to the other room. I kinda missed hanging out with Panda. What was he up to?

"Where's Boo and Panda?" someone asked me from behind?

It was our friend, Crystal! She gave me a hug and I got lost in conversation with her for a minute. Her bf is the owner of the bar we were at. I thought to myself, "I HAVE TO go get Andrew and text Boo and Panda... where are they?"

I went back to our table in the cocktail lounge and Andrew informed me that Panda had called. Anxious, I got on the phone and couldn't even hear the ring or the slurring of the people walking by. Yeah. I was toasted. I texted both Boo and Panda and off to sit with Crystal we went.

A couple Facebook comments and updates later and after Andrew had a convo with a friend of his, his friend turned around and looked at me and said, "I adore you."

"Who the f--k was she", I thought.

Oh! It clued in! We worked together at one time. I quickly apologized. She said, "honey. I know you do amazing work and I know who you are publicly! I wanted to say I'm so proud to have known you for two weeks in the day because I knew you were gonna be big!"

I told her, "you didn't like me!"

She said, "I adored you. I thought, 'he's the next big thing.' You intimidated me."

Well, shit! Three years ago I would've loved to have known that because I was mean to her!

She commented on my style, knew my work, my clients, etc. and then said, "you look skinny. Be careful. Good skinny, but still.. I like the way you look."

Wow! Me? Skinny? Be careful? The next big thing?

With that, Andrew and I finished our cocktails and said bye to Crystal and as I checked my mobile for updates and (maybe) a return text I realized..
Wow. Sometimes switching up the friend revives life and perspective. Sometimes a new perspective is the perfect confidence booster. . . and sometimes Mexican Food with Andrew late at night is amazing. It's just as good eating a California burrito to me as it is for Boo and Panda to count their calories.
What's wrong with the way I look?

Absolutely nothing.

Much love and have a phenomenal week!

Speaking of looks...

Check out my Shampoo Boy t-shirt line. It's getting "revived" in a couple weeks.

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