Thursday, April 8, 2010

1.02 - A story about grown-ups.

Good morning lambs!

It's about 2 am on Thursday morning. I'm sipping a wonderul hybrid tea mix of some organic detox and Refresh peppermint tea. I've been on this quest to flush my body of all the toxins I consistantly injest. I'm around haircolour and product all day and it doesn't help that I soak in caffiene, Hydroxycut and alcohol like people breathe oxygen, but non-the-less, a detoxed body, is a better functioning body!

So, Wednesday was quite brilliant actually. I had a TIGI Colour Class that was actually assembled by one of my local reps FOR FREE. Now, for you not in the hair industry, some of these classes range in hundreds of dollars to attend! This one, would have been, 500$ -- crazy huh!

So, I decide to move two of my appointments and support my home-girl Pam and make a local appearance. Turns out, I knew my shit! It was very gratifying and validating that I am one smart cookie in this industry and a force that (as always) is described as incredibly dominating, over-whelming and intimidating. I hope those are good and not bad. I think Madonna and Lady Gaga are all those things.. so hopefully, I'm on the right path.

I thought perhaps I'd stick around and treat our educator (who was from Toni & Guy Academy in Manhattan) out for Mexican food. He had an interest, but after creating a show-stopping consulatation and teaching techniques... I think I came off strong and scared him. So, I opted out and went shopping for my good friend and peer Lace with my best mate, Anthanasia.

Those of you close to me already know the love I have for my Anthanasia. It was like old times riding in the car and talking about colour, sex, food, and spirituality. She said she noticed the Diva tendencies in me as we shopped for Lace's gifts and when I saw the opportunity I told her, "OMG! I'm starving. Let's go get drunk and have dinner. You game?"

I asked about daycare and who my Godson was with. After all, she is a proud mama and busy hairdresser, can she really just fly on a whim like the old days when we were single and Rockstars?

She thought so.

She called her mum to pick up the girls at school.

She called her hubby, Daddy Gabe, and asked him if he'd like to go out.

All was cool and clear until Daddy Gabe text back something.. and she said, "yeah. It's not gonna work friend."

I felt that sinking again.

I felt life happen again.

My married bff was having to grow up in our thirty minute shopping trip and return to her life of momdom and wifehood.

Sometimes I wish it was like old times.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't a know-it-all.

Sometimes days when I'm not in the salon work, but man oh man, I think I spend as much time there as possible to be around her.

I miss my besty. God has blessed me with a godson and her with a phenomenal husband, but man I miss our old life at times when she was my mentor I was her assistant and Mini-Nasia.

We've grown up.

...I came home early (which never happens) and sipped on my Iced Americano and finished Chef Vonnie's Turkey Meatballs, Rotini and Arrabiata sauce from last night. Off to my studio to check out some Tweets, some e-mails and chill.

I passed out to be awakened by the Shear Genius finale (was not pleased by THAT decision) and a phone call from my panda.

I'm so proud of him! He made my night. Then his phone died. Again, that feeling. As one bff has to go home her kids, my other bf's phone dies and for once I realized as I sat to sip my Refresh-Detox hybrid at 2am the following:

GROWN-UPs Get Lonely.

Much love,
Josh to follow me to learn about TIGI Products!

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