Sunday, June 26, 2011

6.06 :: All eyes forward.. who's coming with me?

Good morning lambs!

It's almost 1 am as I type this from, get this, Casa de Cooley. I am sitting at my parents' kitchen table. The house is silent. Everyone is in bed and all that is on are the laptop screen, the light above the kitchen sink and my Blackberry. I'm sipping an organic cane soda and wanted to bring you my blog whilst I was deep in thought back at home.

I ran off to my parents' house Saturday after shutting everything off from the salon and announced via Twitter (and accidentally to a client's cell phone) my plans to "runaway" for the weekend.

As you may know, I feel like I'm on shaky ground with Anthanasia. She hates when I talk about her or write about her, so what I can tell you that is pivotal in my development as a strong solo act and my own man is that Sunday was Jaxton's 2nd birthday and I kindly chose not to attend. I will send a card in the morning with a generous gift card to The Children's Place and call it a day.

I feel as though things are ruined between the pair of us. After seeing the Headlines crew at B Street Bash last week, I announced via this blog that I need to grow the fuck up and stop the drama. I have also made comments publicly that I cannot be around anyone associated with Headlines. As such, I have eliminated the need to make an appearance at children's birthday parties.. even though it's not Jaxton's fault. I feel this is better.

It hurts me to type that. I asked Andrew on Friday night as we split a pizza and caprese salad, "What should I do? What would YOU do?" And in his sincerest, most loving manner, he said, "yeah. I don't know."

As I ellaborated as to what I was going to do it became very clear between us that I knew bowing out was the grown-up choice.

I've been watching alot of "Oprah: Behind the Scenes" and "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and I'm gonna be honest, I'm much rather be Oprah than someone dramatic who calls attention to himself negatively. So with that in mind, I feel the classiest thing for me to do, is to bow out gracefully. She will probably not understand and hold it against me and if so, then so be it.

I can't allow someone or an organization to taint my brain and the thoughts in them. Not just for drama's sake, but more so, because this morning via Twitter, I announced the name of my salon. My salon will be named ROCKSTARS + LAMBS. I will begin work next month and would like to open sometime in May, June or July 2012. My parents are fully on board and the project is going to be funded primarily by me. Joshua Ryan, Inc is in full swing!

Don't expect a location or anything yet! I have a month-by-month breakdown of what has to happen first!

I not only left my life downtown for the last two days to get away from the temptation of showing up at Jax's b-day, but also to map out 8 months of progress and goals for forming ROCKSTARS + LAMBS.

I am the son of two very powerful business people. Both of whom are accoladed in their industries as am I in hairdressing, writing and speaking. With my parents behind me and with their support, I will become a brand. I don't have time for haters or building bridges with the past. If anyone wants back on this ride, they're gonna have to come to me with open arms and all agenda aside. I don't care to discuss he said-she said. Fuck it. It's time to be my own man.

I have my mum and dad. I have my clients. I have Andrew and my friends Lisa and Michelle and I'm off... who's coming with me?

BTW, leave the past at home. I'm not discussing it.

All eyes forward, lambs... I'm a Rockstar!

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