Monday, May 30, 2011

6.03 :: Oprah reminded me.

Good afternoon lambs,

It's a windy monday here at Studio J Ry and I'm finishing a tepid cup of coffee and listening to "Sex and the City" play in the backgroud.

My Blackberry has been dinging non-stop all yesterday and this morning. I thought it was supposed to be Memorial Day weekend? Oh well, I think I broke my own "no work" rule by going in later today to service a couple clients of mine. Wow. It just never stops does it.

This past week has been amazing. Business was thriving and bold last week and it was a week without bumps for the first time. Not so much that there's been conflict, but that it's been as though I'm been nit-picky or letting small things or enviromental things bother me.

I was watching Diane Sawyer on OWN's "Masterclass" and she made the following statement that was so goddamned profound:

"A cristicism is a really bad way of making a request. Just make the request."

That resonated with me on so many levels. Seriously!

Have I just been critical and have I been cristicised through karma lately? Basically, I'm asking and know the answer at the same time: have I spent so much time critiquing business practices that I'm actually bringing the critics to critique me?

With that said, last week, I let alot of stuff just brush off my shoulder and did not let petty shit affect me. If I had to do a management course, I would tell people to never be blind to what's around you, but don't be so confrontational either and that's one thing I've been- super confrontational.

Oprah officially ended her 25 year reign on daytime and I ran to the newstand for the new issue of O Magazine and logged on to see where the woman is going and not only is she assuming her role as "Oprah" in the universe and television industry, she's moving to LA. For me, that's so not a reality. She has become synonomous with Chicago.

I can't see myself moving anytime soon, but I always express the want or need to retire out of the country or in wine country in Northern California which means that I want to retire somewhere in my late fifties meaning my "25 year" or so reign has started in the SoCo area. It means, as soon as I have my salon open and running, if I decide to move away and retire or at least havea summer home, I have another minimum of a quarter of a century to show people what I'm made of in local business.

Oprah has set this standard for me.

I also have been talking with my editor and publisher at PULP about a possible "Haute Mess" one-year later party. I am so proud of the success of my writing and so happy that people are responsive to it. I was working on a book when I approached PULP about a column and was already blogging heavily online and it's as if I've already attained a sense of success in writing through online and local mediums. So why would I not pursue finishing my book?

Oprah reminded me of that as well.

The new Gaga album was released this week to mixed reviews and for someone who was so skeptical that this would be a success, I bought the album and adore it. I reminds me so much of the misfortune of relationships and being "stoned", called "Judas", trying and reaching your goals and at the end of the day still obsessed by the relationships and connections that just did not flourish past a certain point. Alot of songs remind me of the times of Leon, Headlines and multiple Nasia-moments (both good and bad).

Oprah talked about working with passion during her last show and I cried heavily wanting nothing more than to hug her for being there. That last show was a tear-drenched motivational monologue about how passson = happiness and the desire to recieve is a manifestation. She normally brought out the human in the star and for me, my clients bring out the human in me, a self-promclaimed Rockstar Stylist.

The other night at the Downtown Bar I was reminded of this and my conversations with my new confidante Lisa have affirmed this... but most importantly...

Oprah reminded me.


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