Monday, May 16, 2011

6.01 :: One bumpy ride.

Good afternoon lambs,

It's a brisk May afternoon in the heart of SoCo as I type this. I'm sipping a hazelnut soy latte and reading all the latest on Gaga's soon to be released single, "Hair".

As I'm reading up on her and reading up on Donald Trump saying he's NOT running for president and Madonna's interest in Vita Coco Coconut Water, I'm looking at these people I admire and see so much stuff...

You have one (Miss Gaga) that is releasing more music even before the album has come out.

You have the other (Mister Trump) that wants to make a bold move, toyed with the thought and is saying it's okay, he's content being The Donald and not The President.

Then, my major mentor Madge having the controlling interest in a beverage company. Again, setting trends and making waves in a field outside of the music industry.

For me, these last couple months have been aggravating and creative on an embryonic level. Like Gaga, I keep giving hints of a salon I'm opening and have starting getting all the plans into motion toward opening Joshua Ryan, Inc. Like Mister Trump, I'd like to do something major like become a technical director or lead make-up educator for TIGI or L'Oreal and pull away when opportunity is near and like Madge, my other interest being a fashion columnist, online personality and author is proving to be a very successful venture.

Is this spreading ourselves too thin getting in the way of growing on a personal level?

I have to wonder at times, is it all too much too soon or am I filtering out all the items I want now.

Clearly, a salon is going to be happen. I'm aggravated with my current setting not being I hate being there, but because I simply do not play by rules very well. I am a superstar, I believe and know that, and need to be treated like one. I am not someone who works 3 days a week.
I work for Joshua Ryan, Inc 24/7 and as soon as I can open a studio, I'm happy. June 1st begins stage one of working on imagery, a photoshoot, ordering stations and scouting a location.

I left Headlines last June 1st and June 3rd started working at my friend's studio. Lately, the polluted and congested nature of Headlines is rearing it's dirty little dragon's mouth into my life and projecting hate and jealousy to me through the devilish words of the owner's mother (curve ball!) and even my once-best friend. In a text sent Saturday, I was asked if we could separate and split ties. After years of frustration and realizing that Headlines has a hold on her, I have decided OFFICIALLY that Nasia and I need our space.

I wish her well and love her family, but we often ask for thing we don't think will come true and this time she may just get what she's asking for. She asked for a separation and said we grew apart, well, then, let's just grow apart already. One day, she'll come around, in the meantime, my focus will unfortunately, NOT be on her. Sad sitiuation really.

Headline's queenmother decided to stop me in a restaurant and let me know she hates my ad campaign, therefore, I renewed my contract and will be back in 50,000 homes in the area by the second week of June this time NOT USING hairmodels, but myself. I want my face shown and known.

These two situations have allowed me to decide to release my support as a businessman of Headlines and it's contents, employees, contracted engagements and influence thereof. The evil nature of the people has creeped into the lives of people I once admired. It now, serves as the fire under my arse to create the so-often talked about JOSHUA RYAN name.

I have had numerous offers this year to represent for the likes of major names L'Oreal and TIGI. Also two small brands have contacted me. Right now, this adventure is NOT my priority. I will not be representing any company except my own at this time. The focus must be 100% on me.

Finally, the success of my column, "Haute Mess" has brought me events and appearances this summer including my place as a judge for a dancing competion. All the money goes to charity to help Pueblo, Colorado's homeless. I am honoured and can't wait to be there August 13th juding in my "hautest" way known.

So, that is Volume 6. Volume 6 is back to Josh. There may be some drama. There may be content that makes people angry and you will KNOW about it first hand. I have never been one to censor or filter my life or it's contents on my blog.

Stay tuned lambs, this summer's gonna be one bumpy fucking ride.


Joshua Ryan

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