Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Conclusion.... a pretty boy learns his lesson and grows up.

Good morning lambs,
It's 12 midnight on a Thursday morning. Yes, technically, this is morning.
I'm sipping on a bottle of Aquafina and contemplating alot of new addtitions in my life and lamenting alot of voids.
It's come to me, after nearly a month of meditating, that I shall continue writing and pursuing my writing as a form of catharsis, however, I am announcing officially that I am ending "Pretty Boy Education". Currently, we are in volume six.
I generally write 13 blogs per volume. The blog has officially been around for two years. I've had plenty of readers. Alot of people have learned lessons from my blog and applied them to their own life. Alot of people have "cyber-spied" (not really, it's a public blog) and taken things offensively from this very blog.
My goal has never been to offend anyone. I have not ever written something I never had the intention of telling someone to their face or hadn't already said to them. I'm a big fan of controversy and public relevance and for a long time, the blog kept my life relevant.
Lately, I feel as though the blog I love so dearly, may be part of an undoing I never want to come to. I do not foresee losing in business nor losing the business I have now. As I took the last twenty days to mediate and not voice my opinion outloud, I have had alot of malicious rumours and postings about me on the internet and in public and for me, you can say something in public and the word travels. That doesn't matter to me, but to use MY platform (the internet) and write malicious things about me is attacking my livelihood.
I built myself mostly in the age of twitter, facebook, myspace, social networks and running promotions online. As soon as i built myself up, I went to paper-media. Advertisting in local publications and online on various websites.
My business has grown.
I have grown as a person.
With the announcement of my salon opening next year, I cannot afford to have any "unnecessary drama" and have decided to end my blog.
Pretty Boy Education has been primarily about life-lessons I've learned. Sometimes I made the right decision, sometimes, I acted unsoundly and unlogically and did not profit at all except for a ride through the rumour mill.
With the evolution I've gone through this past year, I have found that I'm most valued when I'm a mentor. And one thing mentors do not do is gossip.
Gossip is part of this blog and as such, I have to decapitate the creature known as PBE and say good-bye.
I've got Joshua Ryan, Inc, Rockstars + Lambs, "Haute Mess", my manuscript and new adventures to focus on. I simply do not have time for a gosspy little blog.
All you need to know is that I've learned. I'm on to better things, I'm on to creating an empire.
This has been fun, but the controversy does not make me, the tell-all style is a style I loved, but I must bid you all farewell.
I will begin a new adventure in August and hope you all come along for the ride.
I have some amazing friends on my side. Andrew is the always there for me and "keeps me real", Michelle is my main fashionista and reminds me to be fabulous and Lisa keeps me theatrical and wishing for more.
My mom, as you all know, is my best friend, in it's official sense. She knows me in and out.
I cannot and will not fail at my life and have only one thing left to say:
"do what you do. Do it your way, don't ask questions, don't get caught up in yourself, don't use your ego, just do you. Just be your best you and do what you feel guides you to the Light however it is you see that".
With all my love,
Josh Cooley

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