Thursday, March 17, 2011

5.12 :: A story about integrity

Good morning lambs!

Well, well, it's St. Patrick's Day! I can't believe it. 2011 is marching past me one little day at a time.

As I look back at the blog, it's almost a year old!

Has it lost it's zeal?

No. I don't think so.

I think it's defenitely changed focus. We've had our drama haven't we? HA HA.

I look back at some of my high-points about hanging out with friends and lows like leaving my last salon that actually were highs where I was super distraught and the emotion conveyed is so pure!

I think back to that place now a year ago and I was trying to make something happen that didn't need to happen. I had just booked a tour with CHI Academy to start in April and last date to end on my birthday, August 30th. By April 10, my tour had been cancelled as well as all my appearances unconfirmed and eventually Farouk Stystems didn't even reply except to tell me to "pay [my] own way" due to downsizing in education and budget cuts.

L'Oreal had come up on the horizon and pulled the distribution rights for the beauty distributor in Denver I was consulting for and teaching for freelance. I was so not happy about that because it killed every opportunity!

I was unhappy at Headlines and I was trying to make things happen with "Panda" that were not even really there emotionally and for me, that was THE CLOSEST to a relationship I had gotten myself into and none of my friends or co-workers were happy for me.

Wierd, huh?

Classic story: super successful, young, ambitious, has it all, and at the same time, had nothing.

I had my clients and a dream.

As Stylines shut it's doors, L'Oreal came knocking. Being the largest beauty manufacturer in the world and a colour line I've always loved, I jumped at the chance to become a certified colourist with the company. Once you've hit L'Oreal, that's kinda the creme de la creme of the haircolour buisiness, you're haircolour royalty. As I received my certificate, I gained the confidence to walk away from Headlines. And the next day, I resigned and the following morning I cleared out my shit, and walked into my beauitful future.

As all of this was going on, Panda ended up using me for money and getting him out of financial jams while I, myself, did not know if I was gonna be in business 6 weeks later. Money was good, my stress load lifted as I walked and I turned my back on CHI and had an offer from Joico to educate for them eventually turning them down (a year later, I wish I would have said yes)

I've only turned two manufacturers down EVER!! FHI tried to hire me while I was training with CHI and Joico as L'Oreal had approached me.

As the year has gone by, I solidified myself as more than a Rockstar stylist, I propelled myself into public personality. Taking on public events, a new photoshoot, a HUGE ad campaign, the PULP Awards, writing for PULP and building my clientele.

As 2011 hit, I realized the talent and power were there. I'd become a mainstay, almost an icon in local business and needed to dent the industry once more. L'Oreal contacted me this last week asking for me to shadow and begin the process of becoming a technical director for the state of Colorado.

So, with a column, a solid clientele and a public persona- this Rockstar is moving on and back into educating one's self into being Tabatha, Vidal, and Anthony Mascolo with alot of attitude and ALOT OF diva! LOL!!!

Along the way, my friends have changed. I consider my clientele a major partof who I am. If you count them all, I have roughly 350 close friends and 150 of those that see me regularly. My close group has changed (kinda- not really).

I have my mum (of course), Nasia, and Andrew. Things are warming up between Tish and I and I'm still searching for someone to fill the relationship void in my life. (well, not really)

Through this whole year, you guys have taught me, I can DO IT! And that faces change, but my success is controlled my me, not a major salon, not a Panda, not a haircare brand!

It's all about integrity, and baby, 5 volumes later and many haircolours later, I'm still here.



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